Michael Messerli: Catalogue data in Spring Semester 2019

Name Dr. Michael Messerli
Unispital Zürich, Nuklearmedizin
Rämistrasse 100
8051 Zürich

465-0954-00LAnatomy and Physiology for Medical Physicists II2 credits2VM. Messerli
AbstractPhysiology and Anatomy for Medical Physicists I & II starts with basics in biochemistry and cell physiology related to human physiology and it continues with an introduction into the functions and properties of tissues, organs, systems of organs and the human body as a organism.
ObjectiveThe course provides for basic knowledge of the human body and its functions essential for Medical Physicists, who plan to interact with medical research groups, to read papers written in professional medical language or to attend interdisciplinary or medical meetings.
ContentPhysiology and Anatomy for Medical Physicists provides an introduction into the functions and structural properties of tissues, organs, sytems of organs and the human body as an organism. The first part starts with the basics in biochemistry and cellphysiology related to human physiology. The main part of the course is dedicated to the most important systems of organs (respiratory system, heart and circulation, nervous system, digestion, secretion and reins, skeleton and muscles, protective systems, milieu interne, reproduction, senses). Anatomy and physiology are discussed integrated in the thematical order. Each topic is preceded by some comments concerning biology, evolution and/or embryology. The content of the lessons is addressed to physicists and engineers and an emphasis is set to medical terminology. In a supplementary part of the course a few topics in applied physiology will be presented.