Lídia Pacheco Cañamero B. del Rio: Katalogdaten im Frühjahrssemester 2018

NameFrau Dr. Lídia Pacheco Cañamero B. del Rio
NamensvariantenLídia del Rio
Lidia del Rio

402-0448-01LQuantum Information Processing I: Concepts
Dieser theoretisch ausgerichtete Teil QIP I bildet zusammen mit dem experimentell ausgerichteten Teil 402-0448-02L QIP II, die beide im Frühjahrssemester angeboten werden, das experimentelle Kernfach "Quantum Information Processing" mit total 10 ECTS-Kreditpunkten.
5 KP2V + 1UL. Pacheco Cañamero B. del Rio
KurzbeschreibungThe course will cover the key concepts and ideas of quantum information processing, including descriptions of quantum algorithms which give the quantum computer the power to compute problems outside the reach of any classical supercomputer. Key concepts such as quantum error correction will be described. These ideas provide fundamental insights into the nature of quantum states and measurement.
LernzielWe aim to provide an overview of the central concepts in Quantum Information Processing, including insights into the advantages to be gained from using quantum mechanics and the range of techniques based on quantum error correction which enable the elimination of noise.
InhaltThe topics covered in the course will include
1. Entanglement
2. Circuits, circuit elements, universality
3. Efficiency ideas, Gottesmann Knill
4. Teleportation + dense coding
5. Swapping/Gate Teleportation
6. Algorithms: Shor, Grover,
7. Deutsch-Josza, simulations of local systems
8. Cryptography
9. Error correction, basic circuit,
10. ideas of construction, Fault-tolerant design,
SkriptWill be made available on the Moodle for the course. More details to follow.
LiteraturQuantum Computation and Quantum Information
Michael Nielsen and Isaac Chuang
Cambridge University Press