Iván Hernández Almeida: Course units in Autumn Semester 2019

Name Dr. Iván Hernández Almeida
Name variantsIván Hernández-Almeida
Ivan Hernandez Almeida
Iván Hernández Almeida
Ivan Hernandez-Almeida
DepartmentEarth Sciences

651-4043-00LSedimentology II: Biological and Chemical Processes in Lacustrine and Marine Systems
Prerequisite: Successful completion of the MSc-course "Sedimentology I" (651-4041-00L).
3 credits2GV. Picotti, A. Gilli, I. Hernández Almeida, H. Stoll
651-4057-00LClimate History and Palaeoclimatology3 credits2GH. Stoll, I. Hernández Almeida, L. M. Mejía Ramírez