Matthias Wermke: Catalogue data in Spring Semester 2021

NameMr Matthias Wermke

051-1248-21LIntegrated Diszipline Architecture and Art Information Restricted registration - show details 3 credits2UK. Sander, M. Wermke
AbstractIn the integrated discipline the architectural design will be juxtaposed by artistic thinking and working. The conceptional approach will in particular be rendered more precise in the dialogue between architectural and artistic methods. There is also a focus on the technique of describing the context precisely.
ObjectiveArt ist the discipline that is constantly creating new realities of terminology and perception. The purpose of the integrated discipline is to use this knowledge, that is produced by art, and to concern it by making design decisions.
ContentA systematic procedure for every step in the design is expected, from the generation of new ideas through to detailing and up to presentation. These can then be reflected in a variety of different ways in the outcome. Reflections on method flow into the design in an integrated manner. There will also be an emphasis on giving expression to the results of the design process using artistic means. In addition a publication should be compiled, presenting the conceptual steps developing the design.
Prerequisites / NoticeApplication to the chair.
063-0194-21LPerformance and Intervention (Thesis Elective) Information Restricted registration - show details 6 credits13AK. Sander, M. Wermke
AbstractIndividual completion of an artistic project and public presentation (elective coursework).
ObjectiveCreative Experience: Definition of ones own interests and realization of an artistic project. Development of an advanced concept of performance and intervention.
ContentIndividual completion of an artistic project and public presentation (elective coursework).
Prerequisites / NoticeMentoring discussion upon agreement.