Heinz Ehrbar: Catalogue data in Autumn Semester 2021

NameMr Heinz Ehrbar
DepartmentCivil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering

101-0517-10LConstruction Management for Tunneling3 credits2GH. Ehrbar
Abstract- Construction methods for conventional tunneling in loose material and in hard rock conditions (tunnel, shaft and cavern construction)
- Construction methods for mechanical excavation
- Decision criteria for the selection of tunneling method
- Construction facilities, logistics and construction management
ObjectiveTransfer of practical knowledge regarding
- Selection of tunneling methods
- Execution and working cycles in conventional and mechanical tunneling
- Management of the muck and of materials
- Quality control and monitoring during construction
- Occupational health and safety requirements and environmental requirements
- Maintenance
The students will be enabled to work on an underground construction project in the preliminary and final design phase as a planner (taking into account contractor's considerations).
Contentgeneral basics
- Codes SIA 196, SIA 197, SIA 198, SIA 118/198
- Knowledge of the tunneling methods
- Decision-making principles for the selection of the tunneling method
- Construction site logistics (transport, ventilation, cooling, water, material management)
- Construction materials

Conventional tunneling
- Excavation methods (full breakout / partial breakout)
- rock support
- Impermeabilisation
- Inner lining

Mechanical tunneling
- Open TBM (Gripper TBM), rock support concepts
- Shield TBM's in rock and loose ground

Inner lining
- Impermeabilisation and drainage
- Inner lining
- Cable ducts
Lecture notesCharts of the lecture and references
LiteratureReferences to the usual specialist literature will be made in the course of the lecture