Johannes Meuer: Catalogue data in Autumn Semester 2020

Award: The Golden Owl
Name PD Dr. Johannes Meuer
FieldCorporate Sustainability
Nachhaltigkeit und Technol. D-MTEC
ETH Zürich, WEV J 420
Weinbergstr. 56/58
8092 Zürich
DepartmentManagement, Technology, and Economics

363-0387-00LCorporate Sustainability3 credits2GV. Hoffmann, J. Meuer
AbstractThe lecture explores current challenges of corporate sustainability and prepares students to become champions for sustainable business practices. In the Autumn Semester 2020, the lecture will be taught fully online. During the lecture phase, students will learn central concepts of corporate sustainability; during the track they work in teams on solving sustainability challenges.
ObjectiveAfter completing this course, students will be able to:
- Assess the limits and the potential of companies to sustainable development
- Critically evaluate and formulate statements, decisions, and arguments in the context of corporate sustainability
- Recognize and realize opportunities for corporate sustainability in a business environment
ContentThe course has a lecture phase (week 1-6) and a track phase (week 7-13). During the lecture phase, students will learn about why corporate sustainability matters, complete several video tutorials and e-modules to understand important concepts of corporate sustainability, and critically apply these concepts in the context of a case study. The lecture phase builds the foundation for the track phase.
During the track phase, students participate in one of four tracks in which researchers coach teams of 4-5 students towards a final project. Our ambition is that students improve their analytic and organizational skills and can confidently pursue corporate sustainability in a professional setting. Course participants share the result of their group work in a group puzzle session.
The course concludes with a reflection session and the final exam.
Lecture notesPresentation slides and video scripts will be available on Moodle.
LiteratureThe Syllabus for the lecture contains recommended readings for each session.