Michael Holenweger: Catalogue data in Autumn Semester 2019

Name Dr. Michael Holenweger
DepartmentHumanities, Social and Political Sciences

853-0033-00LLeadership I Restricted registration - show details
For BA Public Policy and DAS Military Sceinces only.
3 credits2VF. Kernic, F. Demont, M. Holenweger
AbstractThe lectures "Leadership I" (WS) and "Leadership II" (SS) have been designed as a two-semester lecture series, but may also be followed independently of one another or in reverse order. "Leadership I" covers the following fields: leadership basics, leadership theories and leadership styles, the concept of leadership responsibility and the role of communication in practical leadership.
ObjectiveThe aim of this lecture is to give students an introductory overview of relevant topics regarding leadership research and practice, thus enabling them to gain a deeper understanding of the leadership phenomenon. Students should understand different concepts of leadership in the complex interaction between individuals, groups, organisation, context and situation. They should be informed about the evolution of the understanding of mankind in relation to working processes and its impact on organizations and the understanding of leadership theory in the past 100 years. They should grasp the concept of leadership responsibility (leadership ethics) and be able to derive consequences for leadership in practical situations. They should recognize the fundamental importance of communication in leadership situations and receive input which enables them to communicate adequately in specific situations.