Katja Köhler: Catalogue data in Spring Semester 2018

Name Dr. Katja Köhler
Inst. f. Molekulare Systembiologie
ETH Zürich, HPM E 41.1
Otto-Stern-Weg 3
8093 Zürich
Telephone+41 44 633 30 47

551-0016-00LBiology II Information 2 credits2VM. Stoffel, E. Hafen, K. Köhler
AbstractThe lecture course Biology II, together with the course Biology I of the previous winter semester, is a basic introductory course into biology for students of materials sciences, of chemistry and of chemical engineering.
ObjectiveThe objective of the lecture course Biology II is the understanding of form, function, and development of animals and of the basic underlying mechanisms.
ContentThe following numbers of chapters refer to the text-book "Biology" (Campbell & Rees, 10th edition, 2015) on which the course is based.

Chapters 1-4 are a basic prerequisite. The sections "Structure of the Cell" (Chapters 5-10, 12, 17) and "General Genetics" (Chapters 13-16, 18, 46) are covered by the lecture Biology I.

1. Genomes, DNA Technology, Genetic Basis of Development

Chapter 19: Eukaryotic Genomes: Organization, Regulation, and Evolution
Chapter 20: DNA Technology and Genomics
Chapter 21: The Genetic Basis of Development

2. Form, Function, and Development of Animals I

Chapter 40: Basic Principles of Animal Form and Function
Chapter 41: Animal Nutrition
Chapter 44: Osmoregulation and Excretion
Chapter 47: Animal Development

3. Form, Function, and Develeopment of Animals II

Chapter 42: Circulation and Gas Exchange
Chapter 43: The Immune System
Chapter 45: Hormones and the Endocrine System
Chapter 48: Nervous Systems
Chapter 49: Sensory and Motor Mechanisms
Lecture notesThe course follows closely the recommended text-book. Additional handouts may be provided by the lecturers.
LiteratureThe following text-book is the basis for the courses Biology I and II:

Biology, Campbell and Rees, 10th Edition, 2015, Pearson/Benjamin Cummings, ISBN 978-3-8632-6725-4
Prerequisites / NoticePrerequisite: Lecture course Biology I of autumn semester