Andreas Bühlmann: Catalogue data in Autumn Semester 2018

Name Dr. Andreas Bühlmann
Schloss 1
8820 Wädenswil
DepartmentEnvironmental Systems Science

751-4201-00LHorticulture I
Die LE Hortikultur I findet im HS18 zum letzten Mal statt. Die LE Hortikultur II wird im FS19 nicht mehr angeboten.
2 credits2VC. Carlen, A. Bühlmann, A. Näf, J.‑L. Spring
AbstractOverview on horticulture (international and national), insights into principles of practical fruit production (pre- and post-harvest), viticulture (incl. some hints on wine making), berry production and vegetable production in Switzerland.
ObjectiveInsights into fruit production (world and Switzerland), particularly ...
- Main production areas (international & national)
- Relevance (international & national)
- Key aspects of production (Switzerland), i.e. selected aspects referring to varieties, production techniques incl. physiology and plant protection, economics
- Key challenges (Switzerland)
- Selected, interesting research and development projects
ContentThe relevance of horticulture at the international level will be treated in the first block.
During the semester in autumn (Horticultural Crops I), post harvest aspects in fruit production are discussed in 2 blocks of 4h. Following on this, viticulture (incl. some aspects of wine making) will be looked at in 3 blocks of 4h. During the spring semester (Horticultural Crops II), 3 blocks of 4h deal with vegetable production, and 2 blocks of 4h are addressing berry production.
Lecture notesDelivered during the lectures by the different teachers, ELBA upload.
LiteratureNot needed, maybe specific literature is specified by the different teachers.
Prerequisites / NoticeLanguage and script: German or French, maybe selected parts in English.
752-5105-00LBiotechnology of Alcoholic Beverage Production Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 60.
2 credits2VR. Mira de Orduna Heidinger, A. Bühlmann, S. Schönenberg
AbstractCourse 752-5105-00L "Biotechnology of Alcoholic Beverage Production" introduces fundamental aspects of the production of beer and grape wine
ObjectiveThe objective of the course is to provide participating students with a sound understanding of the raw materials, microorganisms, microbial and chemical transformations and processing aspects involved in the production of beer and grape wine. Sensory aspects and product stability will also be considered.
Content>> Introduction of alcoholic beverage production within industrial microbiology
>> Brewing
- Raw materials, and malting
- Brewhouse processes, wort production, fermentations, lagering
- Sensory aspects and diacetyl management
>> Winemaking
- Grapegrowing and grape processing
- Crush and pressing
- Fermentations and microbial transformations
- Fining, stabilizations, filtration and bottling
- Aroma and macromolecule chemistry, climate change
- Sensory aspects and wine faults
Lecture notesLecture handouts will be provided either electronically or at the beginning of lectures.
LiteratureA list of learning materials will be provided with the lecture handouts.
Prerequisites / NoticeStudents taking 752-5105-00L require a sound knowledge of basic chemistry, biochemistry, molecular genetics, microbiology and microbial physiology.

In order to decipher the costs of tastings, a financial participation of CHF30 will be required per student.