Roy Wagner: Catalogue data in Spring Semester 2017

Name Prof. Dr. Roy Wagner
FieldHistory and Philosophy of Mathematical Sciences
Geschichte u. Philo. d. Math.Wiss.
ETH Zürich, RZ J 6
Clausiusstrasse 59
8092 Zürich
Telephone+41 44 632 84 34
DepartmentHumanities, Social and Political Sciences
RelationshipFull Professor

851-0125-03LResearch Colloquium for Ph.D.-Students and Members of Staff Restricted registration - show details
For master students only with a personal invitation.
0 credits1KL. Wingert, M. Hampe, R. Wagner
AbstractPh.D. students, post docs, members of staff, and senior colleagues from other philosophy departments will report on their research. Furthermore, promissing new philosophical articles and parts of books will be studied.
ObjectivePhilosophical ideas and arguments dealing with systematic problems especially in epistemology, ethics, political philosophy, and the philosophy of mind will be scrutinized and elaborated.
851-0125-65LA Sampler of Histories and Philosophies of Mathematics
Particularly suitable for students D-CHAB, D-INFK, D-ITET, D-MATH, D-PHYS
3 credits2VR. Wagner
AbstractThis course will review several case studies from the history of mathematics (Greek geometry, early modern European notions of infinity and 20th century constructive and axiomatic approaches). The case studies will be analyzed from various philosophical perspectives, while rooting them in their historical and cultural contexts.
ObjectiveThe course aims are:
1. To introduce students to the historicity of mathematics
2. To make sense of mathematical practices that appear unreasonable from a contemporary point of view
3. To develop critical reflection concerning the nature of mathematical objects
4. To introduce realist, dialectical, practical and constructivist approaches to the philosophy and history of mathematics
5. To open the students' horizons to the plurality of mathematical cultures and practices
851-0125-66LPerspectives on Mathematical Cognition Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 45.

Particularly suitable for students D-CHAB, D-INFK, D-ITET, D-MATH, D-PHYS
3 credits2SR. Wagner
AbstractThis course will review some approaches to mathematical cognition. It will range from neuro-cognitive theories about the innateness of mathematical capacities to more abstract treatments of mathematical cognition. The theories will be evaluated with respect to historical case studies and philosophical-conceptual analysis.
ObjectiveThe course aims are:
1. To introduce the most popular neuro-cognitive approaches to mathematical cognition
2. To introduce the idea of embodied/extended cognition
3. To introduce non modular approaches to mathematical cognition
4. To reflect on cognitive theories and methodologies from historical and philosophical perspectives

At the end of the course the students will be able to evaluate exiting theories of mathematical cognition and use them in future research.
862-0075-00LMaster-Colloquium: Research Colloquium for Ph.D.-Students and Members of Staff Restricted registration - show details
Only for History and Philosophy of Knowledge MSc.

Personal registration with Prof. L. Wingert.
2 credits1K + 4AL. Wingert, M. Hampe, R. Wagner
AbstractPh.D. students and members of staff report on their research.
ObjectiveKey problems of research projects will be discussed. Participants will learn to know arguments and ideas dealing with systematic problems in philosophy.