Roy Wagner: Catalogue data in Spring Semester 2021

Name Prof. Dr. Roy Wagner
FieldHistory and Philosophy of Mathematical Sciences
Geschichte u. Philo. d. Math.Wiss.
ETH Zürich, RZ J 6
Clausiusstrasse 59
8092 Zürich
Telephone+41 44 632 84 34
DepartmentHumanities, Social and Political Sciences
RelationshipFull Professor

851-0181-00LA New History of Greek Mathematics Restricted registration - show details 3 credits2VR. Wagner
AbstractThis course will review parts of the history of ancient Greek mathematics, evaluate its characteristic features, attempt to explain them, and reflect on their relation to contemporary mathematics.
ObjectiveThe students will have an overview knowledge of Greek mathematics, and will be able to reflect on it in historical terms and in relation to modern mathematics.
ContentWe will follow extracts from Reviel Netz's upcoming monograph entitled "A new history of Greek mathematics".
851-0182-00LFrom Economy to Mathematics and Back: A History of Interactions Restricted registration - show details 3 credits2SR. Wagner
AbstractThis course will review several historical episodes where economy shaped mathematics, and where mathematics re-shaped economy.
ObjectiveStudents will understand how different fields of knowledge can interact in various historical situations. They will also be able to describe various episodes in the history of mathematics and economy.
ContentThe first part of the course will study how practices related to money and commerce affected the development of mathematics in antiquity and the middle ages. The second part will study how mathematical entities shaped the study of various economic problems in the 19th and 20th century. We will review methodologies based on Marxist historiography, sociology of science and contemporary science studies.
862-0004-12LResearch Colloquium Philosophy for Master Students and PhD (FS 2021) Restricted registration - show details
For MAGPW and PhD students of D-GESS only.
Personal registration required to Prof. Wingert.
2 credits1KL. Wingert, M. Hampe, R. Wagner
AbstractPh.D. students, post docs, members of staff, and senior colleagues from other philosophy departments will report on their work in progress. Furthermore, promissing new philosophical articles and parts of new philosophical books will be studied.
ObjectiveIdeas and arguments dealing with systematic problems especially in epistemology, ethics, political philosophy, and the philosophy of mind will be scrutinized and elaborated.