Sebastiano Cantalupo: Catalogue data in Autumn Semester 2019

Name Dr. Sebastiano Cantalupo
FieldCosmic Structure Formation
RelationshipAssistant Professor

402-0300-00LIPA Colloquium Information 0 credits1SA. Biland, S. Cantalupo, C. Grab, A. Refregier, further lecturers
AbstractResearch colloquium
402-0364-17LCosmic Structure Formation and Radiation Processes6 credits3GS. Cantalupo
AbstractIn this course, the students will investigate the properties and origin of the largest baryonic structures in the universe through the study of their radiation. We will span a large range in the universe’s history and radiation spectrum: from X-ray emitting ICM to Cosmic Web UV emission and absorption, to HI radio emission during Reionization. A strong focus will be also put on research practice.
ObjectiveContent goals/objectives include:

- The students will learn how to investigate and characterise the physical properties of the largest baryonic structures in the universe by studying in detail the mechanisms that produce and modify the electromagnetic radiation detectable with astronomical observing facilities.

- The students will learn that radiation processes are an active agent in shaping the formation and evolution of cosmic structures in the universe from the largest scales associated with intergalactic gas to galaxies.

Practice goals/objectives include:

- Through this course, the students will learn/consolidate the fundamental skills in scientific research practice including: i) asking and refining scientific questions, ii) making testable predictions, iii) reducing complex problems in smaller units, iv) finding relevant variables in physical problems, v) effectively sharing and communicating the results.

In order to achieve these goal, the course is designed through inquiry-based activities that will cover the following topics:

- Inferring the physical properties of the Intra Cluster Medium in Galaxy Clusters (X-ray, high-energy radiation processes)
- Detecting and studying Intergalactic gas in the Cosmic Web in absorption and emission (UV/optical absorption and emission of Hydrogen Ly-alpha radiation, Radiative Transfer)
- The physics of Radiative Cooling and how radiation processes shape cosmic structure formation.
- Cosmic Reionization and radio emission from neutral hydrogen in the early universe.
Lecture notesClass material will include: i) power point and black-board presentations, ii) material developed in the class during the activities by the students, iii) research papers and reviews, iv) extracts from books.

Some of the material will be available online but it is expected that a large fraction of the material/notes will be produced during the classroom activities. Class attendance and active participation are fundamental factors for both learning and assessment during this course and for the exam.
Prerequisites / NoticeThe course is geared towards students at any level (Bachelor, Master and Ph.D students) in the physical sciences with no particular prerequisites on previous classes or study background. The only prerequisites necessary for this class are: i) motivation, ii) curiosity, iii) willingness to actively participate.