Anil Sethi: Katalogdaten im Frühjahrssemester 2019

NameHerr Anil Sethi
Lehre Management, Technol. u. Ök.
ETH Zürich, WEV H 304
Weinbergstr. 56/58
8092 Zürich
Telefon+41 44 632 69 94
DepartementManagement, Technologie und Ökonomie

363-1122-00LMarketing for Startups Belegung eingeschränkt - Details anzeigen
Number of participants limited to 40.
3 KP2GA. Sethi
KurzbeschreibungThis elective is relevant if you’re planning to join or start a startup in the near future. It will help you recognise how value is created and captured. This includes go-to market, marketing & visibility across verticals & across the supply chain for sustained value capture & business model sustainability.

In short, it’s the journey of how to create a billion dollar startup.
LernzielStudents have formed teams and identified an idea or have a clear technology focus. They are now in the process of taking the first steps towards commercialisation.

1. Students want to become entrepreneurs
2. The students can be from business or science & technology
3. The course will enable the students to identify the relevance of seeing their technology or idea from the market relevance perspective and use this to drive revenue and relevance
4. The students will have exposure to investors and entrepreneurs (with a focus on ETH spin-offs) through the course, to gain insight to commercialise their idea
InhaltParticipants start from idea validation, team overview, technology and market size validation and assessment of market relevance, assessing time-to-market, customer focus, perceived value for customers, and finally, opportunities of maximising relevance of technology idea into sustained market traction.

The seminar comprises lectures, talks from invited investors / entrepreneurs regarding the importance of the various elements being covered in content, workshops and teamwork. There is a particular emphasis on market validation on each step of the journey, to ensure relevance.
Literatur“From Science to Startup” by A. Sethi
Voraussetzungen / BesonderesParticipants will be encouraged to participate in various startup competitions and early funding opportunities and provided the tools that may help them win. The course will help and guide them in doing this.