Eugenio Serantoni: Catalogue data in Autumn Semester 2017

NameMr Eugenio Serantoni
DepartmentCivil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering

103-0137-00LEngineering Geodesy4 credits3GA. Wieser, E. Serantoni
AbstractIntroduction to Engineering Geodesy: methods, instruments, and applications.
ObjectiveThe students will be introduced to the methods, instruments and applications in Engineering Geodesy with a focus on end-to-end quality assessment, sensor and multi-sensor-systems, setting out, and monitoring of engineering objects. They will be able to acquire enhanced knowledge and fundamental competences in high-precision angle, distance and height measurements. They will be introduced to aspects of interdisciplinary work in particular related to construction processes and civil engineering.
Content- Introduction: Definition, methods, and tasks
- Planning and realizing geodetic networks
- High precision distance, angle and height measurements
- Sensors and multi-sensor-systems
- Calibration and testing
- Engineering Geodesy in construction above and below ground
- Tunnel surveying
- Building Information Modeling (BIM)
- Deformation monitoring: Models, methods, and applications
Lecture notesThe slides and additional documents will be provided in electronic form.
LiteratureKavanagh B.F. (2010) Surveying with Construction Applications. Prentice Hall.

Schofield W., Breach M. (2007) Engineering Surveying. Elsevier Ltd.
Prerequisites / NoticeFundamental knowledge in geodetic metrology (applied geodesy), physical geodesy, reference systems, GNSS and parameter estimation is required for this course. This knowledge can for instance been acquired within the appropriate courses of the bachelor studies in Geomatics and Planning.