Marloes Rianne Eeftens: Catalogue data in Spring Semester 2018

NameMs Marloes Rianne Eeftens
Swiss Trop. and Publ. Health Inst.
Socinstrasse 57
4051 Basel
Telephone061 284 87 25
DepartmentEnvironmental Systems Science

701-0034-07LIntegrated Practical: Electromagnetic Fields Restricted registration - show details 1.5 credits3PM. Röösli, M. R. Eeftens
AbstractStudents will design and carry out a measurement study on "Extremely Low Frequency" or "Radio Frequency" electromagnetic fields. Firstly, we will study the dependence of exposure on distance to environmental and household sources. Secondly, we will analyze typical exposure patterns emerging from everyday microenvironments. The measurements are used for dose and health risk calculations.
Objective- Developing knowledge about important sources of ELF and RF electromagnetic fiels in everyday life
- Gaining experience in developing concepts for environmental measurement studies
- Performing measurements using research instruments and statistical analyses
- Learning about associations between electromagnetic field exposure and health.
Contentextremely Low Frequency electromagnetic fields, high Frequency electromagnetic fields, power lines, electronic devices, mobile phones, mobile phone base stations, wireless LAN / Wi-Fi, cordless landline phones, far field, near field, exposure measurement device, measurement protocols, electromagnetic induction, specific absorption rate, cumulative dose, health, brain tumors, symptoms, electromagnetic hypersensitivity, health risk estimation