Michael Greeff: Catalogue data in Spring Semester 2019

Name Dr. Michael Greeff
Professur f. Biokomm. u. Ökologie
ETH Zürich, WEV E 26.1
Weinbergstr. 56/58
8092 Zürich
Telephone+41 44 633 88 25
DepartmentEnvironmental Systems Science

701-0268-00LBiodiversity Excursions Restricted registration - show details
Limited to students in the 2nd semester of the study programmmes: Environmental Sciences Bachelor.
2 credits4PJ. Jokela, U. Brändle, A. Funk, M. Greeff
AbstractStudents deepen their basic understanding of systematics and acquire exemplary knowledge of selected organism groups using online tutorials. They then carry out their own determinations on excursions to different habitats and apply methods of biodiversity detection. In workshops, the collected data are analyzed and discussed with a view to various ecological questions.
ObjectiveThe students are able to:
- show the relationship between phenotypic characteristics and taxonomic classification for different groups of organisms
- identify key criteria for the taxonomic classification of selected organism groups and carry out classifications
- explain Biodiversity Assessment Methods including their applications and limits, based on their own experience
- make quantitative estimates of biodiversity in selected habitats based on their own data surveys
Content1) Einführung in die Thematik Systematik, Artenkenntnisse, Methoden der Biodiversitätserfassung und Überblick über die zu bearbeitenden Organismengruppen und Exkursionsmodule. (Plenumsveranstaltung, am Di-Nachmittag, 19. Februar 2019)
2) Bestimmungsübungen mit Online-Tutorials zu den zugeteilten Organismen und Exkursionsmodulen. Je Exkursionsmodul werden ca. 10-20 Arten/Familien bearbeitet. (Selbststudium)
3) 6 halbtägige Bestimmungs- und Erfassungsübungen (Exkursionsmodule) im Feld zu den zugeteilten und vorbereiteten Organismen, wenn möglich mit mobiler Datenerfassung mittels GIS-App (Collector ArcGIS, www.gissmox.ethz.ch). (mehrere, teils parallele Gruppenveranstaltungen)
4) Datenworkshops mit Datenauswertung inkl. Präsentation der Daten, Diskussion und Ausblick. (Veranstaltungen in Gruppen, jeder Student nimmt an einem Workshop teil, Zuteilung aufgrund der besuchten Exkursionsmodule)
Prerequisites / NoticeVorlesung 551-0001-00L Allgemeine Biologie I & 701-0243-01L Biologie III: Ökologie

Die Anmeldung zu den Exkursionen erfolgt gemäss separater Ausschreibung im Dezember 2018, Information in LV Umweltsysteme II im Dezember.
751-4514-00LCrop Health: Entomology
Exclusively for bachelor students in Agricultural Sciences (Regl. 2016)
2 credits2GC. De Moraes, M. Greeff
AbstractThis course entails lectures, a practicum and outdoor excursions, which provide an overview of the diversity of insects and related arthropod groups. Students will learn to identify insects and make inferences about their behavior, ecology, and agricultural relevance.
ObjectiveStudents completing this course will become familiar with the morphology, physiology, and behavior of insects and other agriculturally relevant arthropod groups. Practical training will provide hands-on experience in identifying insects at different developmental stages. Students will collect samples and apply their knowledge during excursions to nearby habitats.
ContentDiversity of insects and related arthropod groups. Principles of insect physiology, morphology, and behavior. Insect interactions with plants and other animals, i.e. as pollinators, herbivores, predators, and disease vectors. Special focus on the role of insects in agricultural ecosystems.
Lecture notesLecture notes will be provided on the Moodle platform.
LiteratureSuggestions for further reading will be provided.