Ankit Singla: Courses in Spring Semester 2020

Name Dr. Ankit Singla
FieldComputer Science
DepartmentComputer Science
RelationshipAssistant Professor

227-0559-10LSeminar in Communication Networks: Learning, Reasoning and Control Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 24.
2 credits2S
227-0559-10 SSeminar in Communication Networks: Learning, Reasoning and Control
Does not take place this semester.
2 hrsL. Vanbever, A. Singla
252-0064-00LComputer Networks Information 7 credits4V + 2U
252-0064-00 VComputer Networks4 hrs
Mon13:00-15:00ER SA TZ »
13:15-15:00ML D 28 »
Fri10:00-12:00ER SA TZ »
10:15-12:00ML D 28 »
A. Perrig, A. Singla
252-0064-00 UComputer Networks2 hrs
Tue15:15-17:00ML H 44 »
15:15-17:00RZ F 21 »
Thu13:15-15:00HG D 7.2 »
A. Perrig, A. Singla
252-0817-00LDistributed Systems Laboratory Information
In the Master Programme max. 10 credits can be accounted by Labs
on top of the Interfocus Courses. Additional Labs will be listed on the Addendum.
10 credits9P
252-0817-00 PDistributed Systems Laboratory9 hrsby appt.G. Alonso, T. Hoefler, F. Mattern, A. Singla, R. Wattenhofer, C. Zhang
263-3501-00LFuture Internet Information 6 credits1V + 1U + 3A
263-3501-00 VFuture Internet1 hrs
Tue13:15-14:00CAB G 51 »
A. Singla
263-3501-00 UFuture Internet1 hrs
Tue14:15-15:00CAB G 51 »
A. Singla
263-3501-00 AFuture Internet3 hrsA. Singla