Matthias Christen: Katalogdaten im Frühjahrssemester 2019

NameHerr Dr. Matthias Christen
Professur für Exp. Systembiologie
Otto-Stern-Weg 3
ETH Zürich
8093 Zürich

551-1126-00LTechnologies in Molecular Microbiology4 KP2VH.‑M. Fischer, B. Christen, M. Christen, weitere Dozierende
KurzbeschreibungThe lecture course provides an advanced understanding of modern techniques used in molecular microbiology. Current technologies and research directions in molecular microbiology including applied aspects will be illustrated with paper discussions. The format is a lecture course enriched by group activities.
LernzielThe lecture course aims at providing principles of modern techniques used in molecular microbiology. Emphasis is on genetic, biochemical, and cellular analysis including also bioinformatics aspects. Discussion of a set of commonly applied technologies will assist students in evaluating current research in molecular microbiology and choosing appropriate methods for their own demands.
InhaltImportant genetic, biochemical, biophysical, bioinformatic and structural analysis methods will be presented that are used to gain a deeper understanding of the molecular principles and mechanisms underlying basic physiological processes in prokaryotes. Applied aspects of molecular microbiology and current research in this area will also be covered.

List of topics:
- Analysis of genes, genomes and transcriptomes
- Analysis of proteins, proteomes and microbial systems
- Synthetic biology
SkriptUpdated handouts will be provided during the class.
LiteraturCurrent literature references, relevant papers and handouts will be provided during the lectures.
Voraussetzungen / BesonderesThe following lecturers will contribute to the course:

Prof. Beat Christen (ETH)
Dr. Matthias Christen (ETH)
Prof. Hans-Martin Fischer (ETH)
Dr. Jonas Grossmann (FGCZ)
Dr. Florian Freimoser (Agroscope)
Dr. Bernd Roschitzki (FGCZ)
Dr. Roman Spörri (ETH)
551-1302-00LSynthetic Genomics Belegung eingeschränkt - Details anzeigen
Number of participants limited to 6.

The enrolment is done by the D-BIOL study administration.
6 KP7GB. Christen, M. Christen
KurzbeschreibungLab course on experimental and computational approaches in synthetic microbiology. Participants work in small groups to address current questions in the field of synthetic genomics.
LernzielThe course covers high-throughput biology techniques and design approaches to engineer large-scale synthetic DNA constructs ranging form pathways to entire bacterial genomes. Training in experimental and computational work in a research laboratory.
InhaltResearch project in synthetic biology. Learn basics of DNA part definition, sequence design, de novo DNA synthesis and assembly strategies used for synthetic genomics. Discuss recent advances and current limitations in the field.

Soft skills to be trained: scientific project planning, team-work, presentation and reporting.