Christoph Andreas Keller: Catalogue data in Autumn Semester 2017

Name Prof. Dr. Christoph Andreas Keller
RelationshipAssistant Professor

401-3177-67LIntroduction to Vertex Operator Algebras Information 4 credits2VC. A. Keller
AbstractA first introduction to the theory of vertex operator algebras.
ObjectiveUnderstand the basic concepts of vertex operator algebras and their most important examples.
ContentTentative plan:

1) Formal power series, local fields
2) Vertex Algebras
3) Conformal symmetry
4) Vertex Operator Algebras
5) Correlation functions
6) VOAs from lattices
7) Connection to modular forms: Zhu's Theorem
8) Connection to Monstrous Moonshine
LiteratureVictor Kac: Vertex Algebras for Beginners

James Lepowksy, Haisheng Li: Introduction to Vertex Operator Algebras and Their Representations
Prerequisites / NoticeBasic algebra and linear algebra. Some background in quantum mechanics is helpful, but not necessary.
401-5330-00LTalks in Mathematical Physics Information 0 credits1KA. Cattaneo, G. Felder, G. M. Graf, C. A. Keller, H. Knörrer, T. H. Willwacher, University lecturers
AbstractResearch colloquium