Tommaso Casalini: Catalogue data in Autumn Semester 2017

Name Dr. Tommaso Casalini
DepartmentChemistry and Applied Biosciences

529-0632-00LHomogeneous Reaction Engineering4 credits3GM. Morbidelli, T. Casalini
AbstractKinetics of homogeneous reactions. Ideal reactors: optimization of conversion and selectivity for complex kinetic networks. Thermal effects in chemical reactors. Residence time distribution. Analysis and design of real reactors. Fast reactions in turbulent flows. Sensitivity and stability of chemical reactors.
ObjectiveProvide to the students a complete methodology for the analysis and design of homogeneous reactors
ContentKinetic models for homogeneous reactions. Collection and analysis of experimental rate data. Isothermal ideal reactors. Complex reaction networks. Reactor design for conversion and selectivity optimization. Adiabatic and non-isothermal reactors. Temperature effect on reversible reactions. Residence time distribution in chemical reactors. Role of mixing in turbolent reacting systems. Design of real reactors. Parametric sensitivity and stability in chemical reactors.
Lecture notesScripts are available on line on the web page of the Morbidelli group.
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