Giselher Grabenweger: Catalogue data in Spring Semester 2019

Name Dr. Giselher Grabenweger
Reckenholzstrasse 191
8046 Zürich
Telephone058 468 75 97
DepartmentEnvironmental Systems Science

751-4904-00LMicrobial Pest Control2 credits2GJ. Enkerli, G. Grabenweger, S. Kuske Pradal
AbstractThis lecture provides conceptual as well as biological and ecological background on microbial pest management. Methods and techniques applied to develop and monitor microbial control agents are elucidated.
ObjectiveTo know the most important groups of insect pathogens and their characteristics. To become familiar with the basic steps necessary for the development of microbial control agents. To understand the techniques and methods used to monitor field applications and the procedures involved in registration of products for microbial pest management.
ContentDefinitions and general terms used in microbial control are presented. Biological and ecological aspects of all arthropod-pathogenic groups (virus, bacteria, fungi and nematodes) as well as their advantages and disadvantages in relation to biocontrol are discussed. Particular emphasis is put on hypocrealean and entomophthoralean fungi. Examples are used to demonstrate how projects in microbial control can be set up, how pathogens can be applied and how efficacy, non-target effects, persistence and dissemination are monitored. Furthermore, the necessary steps for product development, commercial aspects and registration requirements are discussed.
Lecture notesLecture notes comprising the basic aspects will be provided.
LiteratureAdditional literature will be indicated in the lecture