Wenzel Alban Jakob: Catalogue data in Spring Semester 2015

Name Dr. Wenzel Alban Jakob
DepartmentComputer Science

252-5705-00LImage Synthesis Information 6 credits5GW. Jarosz, W. A. Jakob
AbstractThis course covers advanced topics in rendering and image synthesis.
ObjectiveThe goal is to get a broader knowledge of rendering algorithms and an in-depth understanding of advanced topics in rendering. Students will learn about the principles of how light interacts with a scene, and how to translate the associated image formation problem into efficient rendering algorithms. Since this is an upper-level coarse, a focus is placed on state of the art techniques and recent trends in research.
ContentThis course expands upon the rendering foundation taught in the Computer Graphics course.

We assume a basic knowledge of ray tracing and shading, and expand significantly on the physics of light transport, discuss the rendering equation, and focus significant time on advanced techniques to enhance the realism and lower the computational cost of rendered images.

Starting from a review of the physics underlying a range of complex light transport effects (depth-of-field, soft shadows, global illumination, participating media, subsurface scattering), we discuss how to leverage various mathematical tools (e.g. density estimation, Monte Carlo sampling, Markov Chain Monte Carlo) to obtain a range of state-of-the-art rendering algorithms (including variants of path tracing, photon mapping, and Metropolis light transport).

The course includes a rendering competition where students create a realistic image of their choosing using the rendering software they develop in the course.
LiteratureStudents will read from the course text books, as well as rendering research papers.
Prerequisites / NoticeCalculus and linear algebra, basic concepts of algorithms and data structures, programming skills in C++, Computer Graphics core course, Visual Computing core course