Peter Wild: Catalogue data in Autumn Semester 2017

NameMr Peter Wild
Oberbergstrasse 110
6390 Engelberg
DepartmentCivil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering

101-0499-00LBasics of Air Transport (Aviation I)
Hinweis: alter Titel bis HS16 "Grundlagen der Luftfahrt"
4 credits3GP. Wild
AbstractIn general the course explains the main principles of air transport and elaborates on simple interdisciplinary topics.
Working on broad 14 different topics like aerodynamics, manufacturers, airport operations, business aviation, business models etc. the students get a good overview in air transportation.
The program is taught in English and we provide 11 different experts/lecturers.
ObjectiveThe goal is to understand and explain basics, principles and contexts of the broader air transport industry.
Further, we provide the tools for starting a career in the air transport industry. The knowledge may also be used for other modes of transport.
Ideal foundation for Aviation II - Management of Air Transport.
ContentWeekly: 1h independent preparation; 2h lectures and 1 h training with an expert in the respective field

Concept: This course will be tought as Aviation I. A subsequent course - Aviation II - covers the "Management of Air Transport".

Content: Transport as part of the overall transportation scheme; Aerodynamics; Aircraft (A/C) Designs & Structures; A/C Operations; Law Enforcement; Maintenance & Manufacturers; Airport Operations & Planning; Customs & Security; ATC & Airspace; Air Freight; General Aviation; Business Jet Operations; Business models within Airline Industry; Military Operations.

Technical visit: This course includes a guided tour at Zurich Airport and Dubendorf Airfield (baggage sorting system, apron, tower & radar Simulator at Skyguide Dubendorf).
Additionally, the lecture "military operations" will be held at Dubendorf airfield with visiting Swiss Army helicopters.

Examination: written, 90 min, open books
Lecture notesPreparation materials & slides are provided prior to each class
LiteratureLiterature will be provided by the lecturers, respectively there will be additional Information upon registration
Prerequisites / NoticeNone