Tanja Stadler: Courses in Spring Semester 2021

Award: The Golden Owl
Name Prof. Dr. Tanja Stadler
FieldComputational Evolution
Computational Evolution
ETH Zürich, BSS J 6.3
Klingelbergstrasse 48
4056 Basel
DepartmentBiosystems Science and Engineering
RelationshipFull Professor

262-0200-00LBayesian Phylodynamics – Taming the BEAST4 credits2G + 2A
262-0200-00 GBayesian Phylodynamics – Taming the BEAST
Block course in first week after the semester (June 7-11); all day.
The whole course can be followed virtually and – given the pandemic situation allows – will be held at D-BSSE in Basel.
2 hrs
07.06.08:15-18:00BSA E 46 »
08.06.08:15-18:00BSA E 46 »
09.06.08:15-18:00BSA E 46 »
10.06.08:15-18:00BSA E 46 »
11.06.08:15-18:00BSA E 46 »
T. Stadler, T. Vaughan
262-0200-00 ABayesian Phylodynamics – Taming the BEAST2 hrsT. Stadler, T. Vaughan
636-0301-00LCurrent Topics in Biosystems Science and Engineering2 credits1S
636-0301-00 SCurrent Topics in Biosystems Science and Engineering
Takes place at the D-BSSE in Basel.
Tuesdays from 11 - 12 in the Science Lounge.
1 hrsR. Platt, N. Beerenwinkel, Y. Benenson, K. M. Borgwardt, P. S. Dittrich, M. Fussenegger, A. Hierlemann, D. Iber, M. H. Khammash, A. Moor, D. J. Müller, S. Panke, S. Reddy, T. Schroeder, T. Stadler, J. Stelling, B. Treutlein
636-0704-00LComputational Biology and Bioinformatics Seminar2 credits2S
636-0704-00 SComputational Biology and Bioinformatics Seminar
ATTENTION: The CBB Seminar will be broadcasted using a Zoom videoconference. The lecturer will inform the students about the URL to participate in the online course
2 hrs
Thu16:15-18:00CHN D 48 »
J. Stelling, D. Iber, M. H. Khammash, J. Payne, T. Stadler
701-1708-00LInfectious Disease Dynamics4 credits2V
701-1708-00 VInfectious Disease Dynamics2 hrs
Mon10:15-12:00CAB G 11 »
S. Bonhoeffer, R. D. Kouyos, R. R. Regös, T. Stadler