Kevin Schawinski: Courses in Autumn Semester 2017

Name Dr. Kevin Schawinski
RelationshipAssistant Professor

263-3300-00LData Science Lab Information Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 30.

In the Master Programme max. 10 credits can be accounted by Labs on top of the Interfocus Courses. Additional Labs will be listed on the Addendum.
10 credits9P
263-3300-00 PData Science Lab9 hrs
Thu13:15-15:00CAB G 59 »
C. Zhang, K. Schawinski
402-0353-63LObservational Techniques in Astrophysics6 credits2V + 1U
402-0353-63 VObservational Techniques in Astrophysics2 hrs
Tue08:45-10:30HIT F 13 »
K. Schawinski
402-0353-63 UObservational Techniques in Astrophysics1 hrs
Tue10:45-11:30HIT F 13 »
K. Schawinski
402-0356-00LAstrophysics Seminar Information 0 credits2S
402-0356-00 SAstrophysics Seminar
2 hrs
Tue15:45-17:30HIT H 42 »
S. Cantalupo, S. Lilly, A. Refregier, K. Schawinski, H. M. Schmid
402-0369-00LResearch Colloquium in Astrophysics Information 0 credits1K
402-0369-00 KResearch Colloquium in Astrophysics1 hrs
Thu09:45-10:30HIT J 43.1 »
S. Cantalupo, S. Lilly, A. Refregier, K. Schawinski, H. M. Schmid