Claudia M. Som-Koller: Catalogue data in Autumn Semester 2019

NameMs Claudia M. Som-Koller
Lerchenfeldstrasse 5
Technologie und Gesellschaft
9014 St. Gallen
Telephone058 765 78 43
DepartmentEnvironmental Systems Science

701-0985-00LSocial Intercourse with Current Environmental Risks1 credit1VB. Nowack, C. M. Som-Koller
AbstractThe lecture treats the social intercourse with risks of technical systems. The notion of risk and the perception of risk are discussed by case studies (e.g. nanotechnology) and socio-political instruments for decision-making are presented. Methods are presented that can be applied to deal with environmental risks and how they can be used for sustainable innovation.
Objective- Getting acquainted to the extended risk concept
- Evaluation of the risks caused by technology within the societal context
- Knowledge about the mode science and society handle current environmental risks (examples gene- and nanotechnology)
- Knowledge about handling risks (e.g. precautionary principle, protection goal, damage definition, ethics)
Knowledge about possibilities for sustainable innovation
Content- Risks and technical systems (risk categories, risk perception, risk management)
- Illustration with case studies (nanotechnology)
- Implementation (politics, science, media, etc.)
- Decision making (technology assessment, cost/benefit analysis etc.)
- The role of the media
- prospects for future developments
Lecture notesCopies of slides and selected documents will be distributed
Prerequisites / NoticeThe lecture is held biweekly (for 2 hours). The dates are 3.9.; 30.9. (instead of 7.10); 21.10; 4.11.; 18.11.; 2.12.; 16.12.