Samuel Mettler: Catalogue data in Autumn Semester 2018

Name Dr. Samuel Mettler
Lehre HEST
ETH Zürich, LFV D 21
Schmelzbergstrasse 7
8092 Zürich
DepartmentHealth Sciences and Technology

752-6403-00LNutrition and Performance2 credits2VS. Mettler, M. B. Zimmermann
AbstractThe course introduces basic concepts of the interaction between nutrition and exercise and cognitive performance.
ObjectiveTo understand the potential effects of nutrition on exercise performance, with a focus on concepts and principles of nutrition before, during and after exercise.
ContentThe course will cover elementary aspects of sports nutrition physiology, including carbohydrate, glycogen, fat, protein and energy metabolism. A main focus will be to understand nutritional aspects before exercise to be prepared for intensive exercise bouts, how exercise performance can be supported by nutrition during exercise and how recovery can be assisted by nutrition after exercise.
Although this is a scientific course, it is a goal of the course to translate basic sports nutrition science into practical sports nutrition examples.
Lecture notesLecture slides and required handouts will be available on the ETH website.
LiteratureInformation on further reading will be announced during the lecture. There will be some mandatory as well as voluntary readings.
Prerequisites / NoticeGeneral knowledge about nutrition, human biology, physiology and biochemistry is a prerequisite for this course. The course builds on basic nutrition and biochemistry knowledge to address exercise and performance related aspects of nutrition.

The course is designed for 3rd year Bachelor students, Master students and postgraduate students (MAS/CAS).

It is strongly recommended to attend the lectures. The lecture (including the handouts) is not designed for distance education.