Jana Collatz: Catalogue data in Autumn Semester 2021

Name Dr. Jana Collatz
Lehre Umweltsystemwissenschaften
ETH Zürich, LFO F 20
Schmelzbergstrasse 9
8092 Zürich
DepartmentEnvironmental Systems Science

751-4811-00LAlien Organisms in Agriculture Restricted registration - show details
Number of participants limited to 30.
2 credits2GJ. Collatz, M. Meissle
AbstractThe course focuses on alien organisms in agriculture as well as the scientific assessment and regulatory management of their effects on the environment and agricultural production.
ObjectiveStudents will understand the consequences arising from the unintentional or deliberate introduction of alien organisms into agricultural systems. They will be able to understand the concept of environmental risk assessment and be able to evaluate risk management options.
ContentAlien organisms in agriculture is a topic that receives an increasing awareness among farmers, agricultural scientists, regulators and the general public. Students of this course will learn about the nature of alien organisms such as invasive species, biocontrol organisms and genetically modified organisms. With a particular focus on arthropods, plants and their interactions we will look at the potential threats the novel organisms pose, the benefits they provide and how both of these effects can be scientifically assessed. Students will learn how the topic of alien organisms in agriculture is intrinsically tied to policy making and regulation and get to know current examples and future challenges in research. In the last part of the course students will be able to apply the acquired knowledge in a practical exercise (case study).
Lecture notesMaterial will be distributed during the course
Prerequisites / NoticeA part of the course will take place in flipped classroom mode, i.e. the lectures on 28.9., 5.10., 19.10., 16.11. and 23.11. will be available as podcasts.