Urs Walter: Catalogue data in Spring Semester 2018

NameMr Urs Walter
Bundesamt für Strassen
3003 Bern
Telephone058 463 42 86
Fax058 463 23 03
DepartmentCivil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering

101-0488-01LHuman Powered Mobility6 credits4GU. A. Weidmann, E. Bosina, M. Meeder, U. Walter
AbstractBasics of pedestrian transport planning and planning of cycle traffic facilities,
Transport-related attributes of the human being,
Design of pedestrian and cycle traffic networks,
Pedestrian and cycle traffic facilities,
Microsimulation of pedestrian flows,
Assessment of performance and level of service
ObjectiveAcquirement of basic knowledge in the field of pedestrian and cycle traffic planning,
Knowledge and understanding of the transport-related attributes of human beings and the consequences for the design and planning of appropriate transport facilities,
Ability to assess level of service and performance,
Basic knowledge about pedestrian microsimulation as an up-to-date instrument for planning and analysis
Content1) Introduction to human-powered mobility
2) Characteristics of bicycle transport
3) Principles of bicycle networks
4) Exercise: design of a bicycle network
5) design and development of bicycle traffic facilities
6) Bicycle parking
7) Characteristics of pedestrians, walking speed
8) Quality of traffic conditions and capacity of cycling and walking facilities
9) design and development of pedestrian traffic facilities
10) Configuration and design of pedestrian traffic facilities in public transport hubs
11) Obstacle free traffic areas - Demands of people with disabilities
12) Counting pedestrian and bicycle traffic
13) Pedestrian simulations
14) Technologies for pedestrian micro-simulations
15) Exercise: Design of pedestrian facilities
16) Shared Space
17) Promoting pedestrian and bicycle transport
18) Excursions to selected topics in pedestrian and bicycle transport
Lecture notesSlides and other course materials will be provided on this course's Moodle page.
LiteratureReferences for further reading will be provided during the lectures.
Prerequisites / NoticeDuring the semester there will be 2 supporting exercises as well as 2 field trips covering pedestrian and bicycle transport.