Tobias Schmidt: Courses in Autumn Semester 2022

Award: The Golden Owl
Name Prof. Dr. Tobias Schmidt
FieldEnergy and Technology Policy
Energie- und Technologiepolitik
ETH Zürich, CLD C 12.1
Clausiusstrasse 37
8092 Zürich
Telephone+41 44 632 04 86
DepartmentHumanities, Social and Political Sciences
RelationshipAssociate Professor

851-0609-06LGoverning the Energy Transition Restricted registration - show details
Primarily suited for Master and PhD level.
2 credits2V
851-0609-06 VGoverning the Energy Transition
Does not take place this semester.
Note: Will be offered again in HS23
2 hrsT. Schmidt
860-0004-00LBridging Science, Technology, and Policy Restricted registration - show details
Only for Science, Technology, and Policy MSc and PhD.
ISTP-PhD students please register via the Study Administration.
3 credits2S
860-0004-00 SBridging Science, Technology, and Policy
The lectures on Sept 20 and Sept 27 will not take place. Instead, there will be lectures on Sept 21 and Sept 28, 16:15 - 17;45. These two lectures will exceptionally be online via Zoom. The zoom link is announced on moodle. Students can use the lecture hall to participate on Zoom.
2 hrs
Tue10:15-12:00UNO B 11 »
21.09.16:15-18:00UNO B 11 »
28.09.16:15-18:00UNO B 11 »
T. Bernauer, T. Schmidt
860-0031-00LPolicy Analysis Restricted registration - show details
Only for Science, Technology, and Policy MSc.
4 credits2V
860-0031-00 VPolicy Analysis2 hrs
Wed14:15-16:00IFW A 32.1 »
B. Steffen, F. M. Egli, T. Schmidt
860-0100-00LDoctoral Colloquium in Public Policy
Only PhD students. Permission from lecturers is required.
1 credit1K
860-0100-00 KDoctoral Colloquium in Public Policy12s hrsM. Krauser, T. Bernauer, R. Garrett, T. Schmidt, B. Steffen
876-0101-00LEconomic Foundations for Policy Analysis Restricted registration - show details
Only for CAS in Technology and Public Policy: Impact Analysis and MAS in Technology and Public Policy
3 credits3G
876-0101-00 GEconomic Foundations for Policy Analysis40s hrs
15.08. - 19.08.09:15-18:00HG E 41 »
T. Schmidt, J.‑E. Sturm
876-0201-00LTechnology and Policy Analysis Restricted registration - show details 8 credits5G
876-0201-00 GTechnology and Policy Analysis75s hrs
02.09.09:00-18:00ON LI NE »
03.09.09:15-17:00HG E 33.1 »
16.09.09:15-18:00HG E 33.1 »
17.09.09:00-17:00ON LI NE »
07.10.09:15-18:00HG E 23 »
14:15-18:00HG E 33.5 »
08.10.09:15-17:00HG E 23 »
09:15-17:00HG E 33.5 »
21.10.09:15-18:00HG E 23 »
22.10.09:00-17:00ON LI NE »
03.11.09:15-18:00HG F 26.3 »
04.11.09:15-18:00HG F 26.3 »
05.11.08:15-17:00HG F 26.3 »
T. Schmidt, E. Ash, F. M. Egli, R. Garrett, M. Leese, A. Rom, B. Steffen
876-0301-00LPolicy-Making in Practice Restricted registration - show details 4 credits3G
876-0301-00 GPolicy-Making in Practice46s hrs
15.09.09:00-18:00Ex te rn »
24.11.09:15-18:00ML E 13 »
25.11.09:15-18:00ML E 13 »
26.11.09:15-17:00ML E 13 »
09.12.09:15-18:00HG E 23 »
10.12.09:15-17:00HG E 23 »
T. Bernauer, D. N. Bresch, T. Schmidt