Alexandre Refregier: Catalogue data in Spring Semester 2020

Name Prof. Dr. Alexandre Refregier
Inst. f. Teilchen- und Astrophysik
ETH Zürich, HIT J 23.1
Wolfgang-Pauli-Str. 27
8093 Zürich
Telephone+41 44 632 36 32
RelationshipFull Professor

402-0101-00LThe Zurich Physics Colloquium Information
Cancelled until further notice.
0 credits1KS. Huber, A. Refregier, University lecturers
AbstractResearch colloquium
ObjectiveThe goal of this event is to bring you closer to current day research in all fields of physics. In each semester we have a set of distinguished speakers covering the full range of topics in physics. As a participating student should learn how to follow a research talk. In particular, you should be able to extract key points from a colloquium where you don't necessarily understand every detail that is presented.
402-0264-00LAstrophysics II10 credits3V + 2UA. Refregier
AbstractThe course examines various topics in astrophysics with an emphasis on physical processes occurring in an expanding Universe, from a time about 1 microsecond after the Big Bang, to the formation of galaxies and supermassive black holes within the next billion years.
ObjectiveThe course examines various topics in astrophysics with an emphasis on physical processes occurring in an expanding Universe. These include the Robertson-Walker metric, the Friedmann models, the thermal history of the Universe including Big Bang Nucleosynthesis, and introduction to Inflation, and the growth of structure through gravitational instability. Finally, the physics of the formation of cosmic structures, dark matter halos and galaxies is reviewed.
Prerequisites / NoticePrior completion of Astrophysics I is recommended but not required.
402-0300-00LIPA Colloquium Information 0 credits1SA. Biland, C. Grab, A. Refregier, H. M. Schmid, further lecturers
AbstractResearch colloquium, with a particular emphasis on IPA-related research topics.
Objective"The goal is to widen the horizon on the physics topics investigated inhouse by the IPA groups.
In addition, it shall provide opportunities to share and exchange scientific ideas among the IPA people."