Stefano Brusoni: Katalogdaten im Frühjahrssemester 2019

NameHerr Prof. Dr. Stefano Brusoni
LehrgebietTechnologie- und Innovationsmanagement
Professur Technol.&Innovationsmgmt
ETH Zürich, WEV J 413
Weinbergstr. 56/58
8092 Zürich
Telefon+41 44 632 04 52
DepartementManagement, Technologie und Ökonomie
BeziehungOrdentlicher Professor

351-0778-00LDiscovering Management
Entry level course in management for BSc, MSc and PHD students at all levels not belonging to D-MTEC.
This course can be complemented with Discovering Management (Excercises) 351-0778-01L.
3 KP3GL. De Cuyper, M. Ambühl, S. Brusoni, B. Clarysse, E. Fleisch, V. Hoffmann, T. Netland, G. von Krogh, F. von Wangenheim
KurzbeschreibungDiscovering Management offers an introduction to the field of business management and entrepreneurship for engineers and natural scientists. The module provides an overview of the principles of management, teaches knowledge about management that is highly complementary to the students' technical knowledge, and provides a basis for advancing the knowledge of the various subjects offered at D-MTEC.
LernzielThe objective of this course is to introduce the students to the relevant topics of the management literature and give them a good introduction in entrepreneurship topics too. The course is a series of lectures on the topics of strategy, innovation, marketing, corporate social responsibility, and productions and operations management. These different lectures provide the theoretical and conceptual foundations of management. In addition, students are required to work in teams on a project. The purpose of this project is to analyse the innovative needs of a large multinational company and develop a business case for the company to grow.
InhaltDiscovering Management aims to broaden the students' understanding of the principles of business management, emphasizing the interdependence of various topics in the development and management of a firm. The lectures introduce students not only to topics relevant for managing large corporations, but also touch upon the different aspects of starting up your own venture. The lectures will be presented by the respective area specialists at D-MTEC.
The course broadens the view and understanding of technology by linking it with its commercial applications and with society. The lectures are designed to introduce students to topics related to strategy, corporate innovation, corporate social responsibility, and business model innovation. Practical examples from industry will stimulate the students to critically assess these issues.
Voraussetzungen / BesonderesDiscovering Management is designed to suit the needs and expectations of Bachelor students at all levels as well as Master and PhD students not belonging to D-MTEC. By providing an overview of Business Management, this course is an ideal enrichment of the standard curriculum at ETH Zurich.
No prior knowledge of business or economics is required to successfully complete this course.
363-1056-00LInnovation Leadership Belegung eingeschränkt - Details anzeigen
Up to four slots are available for students in architecture or civil engineering (Master level) or for D-MTEC MAS/MSc students with architecture or civil engineering background.

If you are NOT a student in Integrated Building Systems, you need to apply with motivation letter (max. 1 page), CV and a transcript of records no later than 31.1.2019. Please send your application to Anna Deréky (
6 KP3SS. Brusoni, C. P. Siegenthaler, Z. Zagorac-Uremovic
KurzbeschreibungThis course provides participants with the challenging opportunity of working on a real project in collaboration with a leading company in the building industry.
LernzielIn your team, you work on a specific innovation project originating in the current strategic agenda of the companies top management. You conduct interviews with members of the management team, with internal and external experts as well as clients and discuss your ideas with the CEO and other executives. You gain first-hand experience on the competitive dynamics of the construction industry.
Voraussetzungen / BesonderesCourse Sessions are:

26.02.2019 14.15-18.00 WEV F109-111
05.03.2019 14.15-18.00 WEV F109-111
12.03.2019 14.15-18.00 WEV F109-111
26.03.2019 14.15-18.00 WEV F109-111
02.04.2019 14.15-18.00 WEV F109-111
16.04.2019 14.15-18.00 WEV F109-111
07.05.2019 14.15-18.00 WEV F109-111
14.05.2019 14.15-18.00 WEV F109-111
04.06.2019 14.15-18.00 WEV F109-111

For course Sessions that take place in WEV F109-111 participation is mandatory.

**** In addition to the schedule, we will meet at the company outside ETH on 01.03.2019, 13.00-20.00 and 28.05.2019, 13.00-20.00 (time includes travel). ****

Student Project Development Sessions are:

08.03.2019 12.00-15.30 ETH Student Project House Workspace
15.03.2019 12.00-15.30 ETH Student Project House Workspace
22.03.2019 12.00-15.30 ETH Student Project House Workspace
29.03.2019 12.00-15.30 ETH Student Project House Workspace
05.04.2019 12.00-15.30 ETH Student Project House Workspace
12.04.2019 12.00-15.30 ETH Student Project House Workspace
03.05.2019 12.00-15.30 ETH Student Project House Workspace
10.05.2019 12.00-15.30 ETH Student Project House Workspace
17.05.2019 12.00-15.30 ETH Student Project House Workspace
24.05.2019 12.00-15.30 ETH Student Project House Workspace

Student Project Development Sessions are mandatory meeting slots for the student teams to work independently on the assignments (without lecturers). They take place at the ETH Student Project House Workspace.
364-1020-07LQualitative Methods for Management Studies Belegung eingeschränkt - Details anzeigen
Findet dieses Semester nicht statt.
Maximale Teilnehmerzahl: 15
3 KP2GS. Brusoni
KurzbeschreibungThis course addresses the main problems related to design, implementation and publication of qualitative research on generalist management journals.
LernzielAt the end of the course students will be able to define what qualitative methods are, compare and differentiate the methods’ relative advantages, design and implement a data collection process, and analyze qualitative data.
InhaltThis is a PASS/FAIL exam, based on participation and quality and timely delivery of assignments. Some assignments will be based on your own PhD project, which you will be asked to discuss with the others. Other assignments will be based on topics suggested during the course and for which data will have to be collected and analyzed. Participation in all sessions is a requirement.
365-1053-00LInnovation, Creativity and Personality Traits Belegung eingeschränkt - Details anzeigen
Findet dieses Semester nicht statt.
Exclusively for MAS MTEC students (fourth semester).
1 KP1SS. Brusoni
KurzbeschreibungIn this course we use the latest research on how individuals can improve at solving problems creatively to foster their careers, and the performance of their organization.
LernzielInnovation relies on creativity, and creativity is composed by different abilities that are malleable, and therefore that we can improve upon. We will discuss and use the latest scientific findings on the abilities that underlie creativity and innovation.
InhaltParticipants will use questionnaires and customized tools to actively assess and reflect on their own abilities. Together with other students, and HR specialists, participants will design and implement strategies to take the most out of their unique personality traits.
Voraussetzungen / BesonderesPlease notice that participation in the entire two days of the course is a requirement. Due to the short duration of the course and its highly interactive nature, there are no exceptions.
365-1071-00LStudy Trip to China Belegung eingeschränkt - Details anzeigen
Exclusively for MAS MTEC students (fourth semester).

Internal pre-registration closed. Students, who have already successfully pre-registered please also enrol in myStudies for this course.

It is mandatory to attend the Preparation Session for the “Study Trip to China” on 7 February 2019 at 18:30 in HG D 5.2.
3 KP2SS. Brusoni
KurzbeschreibungThe phenomenal growth of the Chinese economy in the past 30 years has enabled China to become the second largest economy in the world. China is in a transition phrase. It cannot compete on costs anymore. Hence, it has to develop strategies and policies to foster innovation. The role of government is changing too, as the private sector gains strength and influence.
LernzielThis six-day study trip is designed for participants who want to explore where China is going, looking at the interplay of economic, political and cultural factors.
- Obtain information about the business, social and cultural world of China on-site
- Enhance your intercultural competences to bridge gaps across cultures
- Meet and directly engage with local business managers and entrepreneurs to gain first-hand insights on how things work in China
- Develop the critical skills necessary to assess the potential for doing business in China through hands-on applied workshops
InhaltThe study trip will start on March 9, 2019 and ends on March 16, 2019 in the Shanghai area.
The program features a carefully selected mix of seminars hosted by professors and entrepreneurs, workshop sessions, company visits and networking events, along with culture sightseeing. During the length of the program, participants will work in teams on a case study to directly apply the generated knowledge on a contextual challenge. Additionally, they will gain a preliminary exposure to the methods and tools of Design Thinking to generate innovative solutions at a concept and strategic level.

A preparation session will be held in Zurich ahead of the departure date.