Fabian Gramm: Katalogdaten im Herbstsemester 2020

NameHerr Dr. Fabian Gramm
ETH Zürich, HPM D 46
Otto-Stern-Weg 3
8093 Zürich
Telefon+41 44 633 39 09

327-0702-00LEM-Practical Course in Materials Science2 KP4PK. Kunze, S. Gerstl, F. Gramm, F. Krumeich, J. Reuteler
KurzbeschreibungPraktische Arbeit an TEM, SEM, FIB und APT
selbständiges Bearbeiten von typischen Fragestellungen
Auswertung der Daten, Schreiben eines Reports
LernzielAnwendung grundlegender elektronenmikroskopischer Techniken im Bereich materialwissenschaftlicher Fragestellungen
Literatursiehe LE Electron Microscopy (327-0703-00L)
Voraussetzungen / BesonderesBesuch der LE Electron Microscopy (327-0703-00L) wird empfohlen.
Maximale Teilnehmerzahl 15, Arbeit in 3-er Gruppen.
327-0703-00LElectron Microscopy in Material Science4 KP2V + 2UK. Kunze, R. Erni, S. Gerstl, F. Gramm, A. Käch, F. Krumeich, M. Willinger
KurzbeschreibungA comprehensive understanding of the interaction of electrons with condensed matter and details on the instrumentation and methods designed to use these probes in the structural and chemical analysis of various materials.
LernzielA comprehensive understanding of the interaction of electrons with condensed matter and details on the instrumentation and methods designed to use these probes in the structural and chemical analysis of various materials.
InhaltThis course provides a general introduction into electron microscopy of organic and inorganic materials. In the first part, the basics of transmission- and scanning electron microscopy are presented. The second part includes the most important aspects of specimen preparation, imaging and image processing. In the third part, recent applications in materials science, solid state physics, structural biology, structural geology and structural chemistry will be reported.
Skriptwill be distributed in English
LiteraturGoodhew, Humphreys, Beanland: Electron Microscopy and Analysis, 3rd. Ed., CRC Press, 2000
Thomas, Gemming: Analytical Transmission Electron Microscopy - An Introduction for Operators, Springer, Berlin, 2014
Thomas, Gemming: Analytische Transmissionselektronenmikroskopie: Eine Einführung für den Praktiker, Springer, Berlin, 2013
Williams, Carter: Transmission Electron Microscopy, Plenum Press, 1996
Reimer, Kohl: Transmission Electron Microscopy, 5th Ed., Berlin, 2008
Erni: Aberration-corrected imaging in transmission electron microscopy, Imperial College Press (2010, and 2nd ed. 2015)
327-2126-00LMicroscopy Training TEM I - Introduction to TEM Belegung eingeschränkt - Details anzeigen
The number of participants is limited. In case of overbooking, the course will be repeated once. All registrations will be recorded on the waiting list.

For PhD students, postdocs and others, a fee will be charged (Link).

All applicants must additionally register on this form: Link
The selected applicants will be contacted and asked for confirmation a few weeks before the course date.
2 KP3PP. Zeng, E. J. Barthazy Meier, A. G. Bittermann, F. Gramm, A. Sologubenko, M. Willinger
KurzbeschreibungThe introductory course on Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) provides theoretical and hands-on learning for beginners who are interested in using TEM for their Master or PhD thesis. TEM sample preparation techniques are also discussed. During hands-on sessions at different TEM instruments, students will have the opportunity to examine their own samples if time allows.
LernzielUnderstanding of
1. the set-up and individual components of a TEM
2. the basics of electron optics and image formation
3. the basics of electron beam – sample interactions
4. the contrast mechanism
5. various sample preparation techniques
Learning how to
1. align and operate a TEM
2. acquire data using different operation modes of a TEM instrument, i.e. Bright-field and Dark-field imaging
3. record electron diffraction patterns and index diffraction patterns
4. interpret TEM data
- basics of electron optics and the TEM instrument set-up
- TEM imaging modes and image contrast
- STEM operation mode
- Sample preparation techniques for hard and soft materials

- Demo, practical demonstration of a TEM: instrument components, alignment, etc.
- Hands-on training for students: sample loading, instrument alignment and data acquisition.
- Sample preparation for different types of materials
- Practical work with TEMs
- Demonstration of advanced Transmission Electron Microscopy techniques
SkriptLecture notes will be distributed.
Literatur- Williams, Carter: Transmission Electron Microscopy, Plenum Press, 1996
- Hawkes, Valdre: Biophysical Electron Microscopy, Academic Press, 1990
- Egerton: Physical Principles of Electron Microscopy: an introduction to TEM, SEM and AEM, Springer Verlag, 2007
Voraussetzungen / BesonderesNo mandatory prerequisites. Please consider the prior attendance to EM Basic lectures (551-1618-00V; 227-0390-00L; 327-0703-00L) as suggested prerequisite.