Volker Weitbrecht: Catalogue data in Autumn Semester 2020

Name Dr. Volker Weitbrecht
V. Wasserbau, Hydrologie u. Glaz.
ETH Zürich, HIA C 56.1
Hönggerbergring 26
8093 Zürich
Telephone+41 44 632 68 23
DepartmentCivil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering

701-0405-00LFreshwater Ecosystems: Concepts and Methods for Sustainable Management3 credits2GC. Scheidegger, S. Fink, C. Weber, V. Weitbrecht
AbstractIn this course, we will discuss freshwater ecosystems, their ecological characteristics, as well as their anthropogenic influences and changes. Case studies are used to discuss concepts and methods for sustainable management. The case studies are mostly from Switzerland and refer to the Water Protection Act and the Swiss Biodiversity Strategy.
Objective• basics concerning the functioning of the most important freshwater ecosystems
• basics of the sustainable management of aquatic ecosystems
• application of these principles with case studies
• critical analyses, organization of discussion groups
Content1) 1st lesson: Student working groups, working method
2nd lesson: Water Protection Act
2) Biodiversity in floodplains
3) Restoration of rivers and lakes
4) Floodplain management and restoration
5) Conservation of rivers and lakes
6) Restoration of the sediment dynamics
7) River widenings and ramps
8) Modified discharge and temperature regimes in rivers and lakes
9) Planning and operation of pumped storage power plants
10) Water and health, including climate change
11) Fish migration in exploited rivers
12) Mire protection
13) Final/ Evaluation/ Feedback
Lecture notesThemenspezifische Unterlagen (Vorlesung Dozierende, Literatur) werden zugänglich gemacht unter
LiteratureLiteratur zu den Gruppenarbeiten wird abgegeben unter
Prerequisites / NoticeBasic ecology lectures of the first four semesters. Students will organize discussion groups.