Karin Berger Büter: Catalogue data in Autumn Semester 2021

Name Dr. Karin Berger Büter
Emeligarten 6
breeding botanicals international
8592 Uttwil
Telephone071 669 37 81
DepartmentChemistry and Applied Biosciences

535-0360-00LEvidence Based Phytotherapy1 credit1VK. Berger Büter
AbstractBased on epidemiology, economic importance and evidence-based medicine, basic principles of rational phytotherapy will be discussed: a) Identification of drug candidates, b) registration requirements, c) criteria to assess efficacy, d) biomarkers and pharmacokinetics, e) safety and f) principles of extract generation. Important prototypes will be discussed
ObjectiveStudents should learn the importance of rational (= evidence based) pharmacotherapy with herbal extracts:

They should get to know the development process of herbal drugs:
o How are interesting development candidates are being identified? What are the strategies?
o What are the regulatory requirements (traditional use, well-established use, new herbal entities)?
o What are the selection criteria?
o Assessment of efficacy (animal-/human studies, biomarker)
o Pharmacokinetics
o Safety (Toxicity, unwanted adverse effects, drug-drug interactions)
o Pharmaceutical quality
o Securing of herbal identity (collections, agriculture)
o Quality management
o selection of appropriate extraction procedures?

Important prototy
pes will be presented and critically discussed: see prgram below
ContentEffektive Zeiten 15.45 - 16.30; 16.45-17.30)

1) 22.09.2021
Qualität Arzneipflanzen-Fertigprodukte, Monographien (Kommission E, ESCOP, HMPC), Unterschiede hinsichtlich des Registrierungsstatus und -anforderungen: traditional use, well established use und new herbal entities; Extrakte, Qualität Arzneidrogen

2) 29.9.2021:
Phasen der klinischen Entwicklung, Grundbegriffe der evidenzbasierten Medizin;
Hypericum perforatum

3) 06.10.2020:
Harpagophytum spp.; Echinacea ssp

4) 13.10.2020:
Lavandula oelum; Iberogast

5) 20.10.2020:
Cimicifuga racemosa; Serenoa repens

6) 27.10.2020:
Silybum marianum; Cannabis sativa

7) 03.11.2020
Prüfung (MC)
Lecture notesDie Skripten werden vor den jeweiligen Vorlesungen per Email an die TeilnehmerInnen versandt
751-4104-00LAlternative Crops2 credits2VA. Walter, K. Berger Büter
AbstractFew crops dominate the crop rotations worldwide. Following the goal of an increased agricultural biodiversity, species such as buckwheat but also medicinal plants might become more important in future. The biology, physiology, stress tolerance and central aspects of the value-added chain of the above-mentioned and of other alternative crops will be depicted.
ObjectiveDuring this course, students learn to assess the potential of different minor or alternative crops compared to the dominant major crops based on their biological and agronomical features. Each student will assess and present a specific alternative crop of his or her choice based on information from scientific articles and Wikipedia. Wikipedia-entries will be generated.