Tanja Zimmermann: Catalogue data in Spring Semester 2021

Name Prof. Dr. Tanja Zimmermann
FieldMaterials Science and Technology
Überlandstrasse 129
8600 Dübendorf
RelationshipDirector Empa and Full Professor

101-0678-00LWood Physics & Wood Materials3 credits2GI. Burgert, T. Zimmermann
AbstractFundamental relationships between structure and properties of wood and wood based materials are conveyed. Based on the hierarchical structure of wood, aspects of nanostructural characterization and micromechanical analysis will be covered. In view of material developments, concepts for the assembly of advanced wood materials and cellulose-based materials will be demonstrated.
ObjectiveAt a global scale wood is one of the most important building materials. Knowledge of significant physical properties of wood, wood based materials and advanced wood materials as well as the relationship between structure and properties are conveyed. This knowledge is fundamental for an appropriate use of wood and wood based materials as well as for a further improvement of the reliability of wood and for establishing new fields of application.
ContentThe following topics are covered:
Hierarchical structure of wood and assembly of wood-based products
Physical properties (density, wood moisture, swelling and shrinkage)
Mechanical properties at different length scales
Nanostructural characterization
Materials from nanocellulose
Wood modification and durability
Wood polymer composites
Wood hybrid materials
Wood surfaces
Functional wood materials
Lecture notesHandouts will be sent to the students by e-mail prior to each lecture.
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