Daniel Alexander Strassberg: Catalogue data in Spring Semester 2017

Name Dr. Daniel Alexander Strassberg
DepartmentHumanities, Social and Political Sciences

851-0125-51LPhilosophy of Technology: Man and Machine
Particularly suitable for students of D-CHAB, D-HEST, D-MAVT, D-MATL
3 credits2GM. Hampe, D. A. Strassberg
AbstractThe lecture gives an overview about the different Man-Machine-Relations since the 16th century. Different modells of machines will be important here: the clockwork, the steam engine and the computer.
ObjectiveOn the one hand modells of machines had a heuristical value in research on man, e.g. in Harvey's discovery of blood circulation in the 17th century or in brain research in the 20th century. On the other hand these modells were always criticised, sometimes polemically, because they are supposedly not adequate for man.
Students should learn about the connections between the history of anthropology and technology and be able at the end of the course to evaluate the critical philosophical arguments that are connected with the metaphor of the machine.