Andrey Zheludev: Catalogue data in Spring Semester 2012

Name Prof. Dr. Andrey Zheludev
FieldExperimental Condensed Matter Physics
Laboratorium für Festkörperphysik
ETH Zürich, HPF F 20
Otto-Stern-Weg 1
8093 Zürich
Telephone+41 79 674 79 39
RelationshipFull Professor

402-0101-00LThe Zurich Physics Colloquium Information 0 credits1KG. Blatter, C. Anastasiou, B. Batlogg, N. Beisert, M. Carollo, M. Christandl, C. Degen, G. Dissertori, R. J. Douglas, K. Ensslin, T. Esslinger, J. Faist, M. Gaberdiel, A. Gehrmann-De Ridder, G. M. Graf, J. Home, A. Imamoglu, P. Jetzer, S. Johnson, U. Keller, K. S. Kirch, S. Lilly, L. M. Mayer, J. Mesot, M. R. Meyer, B. Moore, F. Pauss, D. Pescia, A. Refregier, R. Renner, A. Rubbia, T. C. Schulthess, U. Seljak, M. Sigrist, M. Troyer, E. H. Türeci, J. F. van der Veen, A. Vaterlaus, R. Wallny, W. Wegscheider, D. Wyler, A. Zheludev
AbstractResearch colloquium
Prerequisites / NoticeOccasionally, talks may be delivered in German.
402-0540-00LNeutron Scattering Information
Does not take place this semester.
0 credits1SJ. Mesot, A. Zheludev
AbstractResearch colloquium
Prerequisites / NoticeLanguage: English or German
402-0544-00LNeutron Scattering in Condensed Matter Physics II Information 6 credits2V + 1UA. Zheludev
AbstractThe lecture, building on the basic tools seen during the autumn semester, concentrates on advanced subjects and specific applications: polarized neutrons, phase transitions, defect scattering, superconductivity, small angle scattering and reflectometry, neutron optics. The position of neutron scattering relative to complementary techniques such as mu-Sr and X-ray scattering is also discussed.
ObjectiveComprehension, based on the lectures of the autumn semester, of the following specific topics: the use of polarized neutrons, phase transitions (critical neutron scattering), selected structure problems (defects, macromolecules, superconductors, charge density distributions...), magnetism, dynamical neutron scattering (neutron optics), small angle scattering and reflectometry. A few examples from the most recent literature will as well be discussed.
Content7. Fluctuation-dissipation theorem
8. Polarized neutrons
9. Phase transitions
11. Neutron optics
12. Superconductors
13. Ferroelectrics
15. Small angle scattering and reflectometry
16. Scattering from gasses
Lecture notesHandouts will be distributed a the beginning of each lecture.
LiteratureIntrodution to the theory of thermal neutron scattering, G. L. Squires, Dover Publications, INC., Mineola, New York,
ISBN 0-486-69447-X

Theory of neutron scattering from condensed matter, S. W. Lovesey, Clarendon Press, Oxford, ISBN 0-19-852017-4.