Andreas Adelmann: Catalogue data in Autumn Semester 2018

Name Dr. Andreas Adelmann
Universitätstrasse 6
CAB H 85.1
8092 Zürich
Telephone044 632 75 22

401-5810-00LSeminar in Physics for CSE4 credits2SA. Adelmann
AbstractIn this seminar, the students present a talk on an advanced topic in modern theoretical or computational physics. The main focus is quantum computation.
ObjectiveTo teach students the topics of current interest in computational and theoretical physics. In particular, concepts of quantum computation.
402-0777-00LParticle Accelerator Physics and Modeling I6 credits2V + 1UA. Adelmann
AbstractThis is the first of two courses, introducing particle accelerators from a theoretical point of view and covers state-of-the-art modelling techniques.
ObjectiveYou understand the building blocks of particle accelerators. Modern analysis tools allows you to model state-of-the-art particle accelerators. In some of the exercises you will be confronted with next generation machines. We will develop a Python simulation tool
(pyAcceLEGOrator) that reflects the theory from the lecture.
ContentHere is the rough plan of the topics, however the actual pace may vary relative to this plan.

- Recap of Relativistic Classical Mechanics and Electrodynamics
- Building Blocks of Particle Accelerators
- Lie Algebraic Structure of Classical Mechanics and Applications to Particle Accelerators
- Symplectic Maps & Analysis of Maps
- Symplectic Particle Tracking
- Collective Effects
- Linear & Circular Machines incl. Cyclotrons
- Radiation and Free Electron Lasers
Lecture notesLecture notes
Prerequisites / NoticePhysics, Computational Science (RW) at BSc. Level

This lecture is also suited for PhD. students