Isabel Günther: Catalogue data in Spring Semester 2021

Name Prof. Dr. Isabel Günther
FieldDevelopment Economics
Professur für Entwicklungsökonomie
ETH Zürich, CLD B 9
Clausiusstrasse 37
8092 Zürich
Telephone+41 44 632 87 50
DepartmentHumanities, Social and Political Sciences
RelationshipAssociate Professor

751-1500-00LDevelopment Economics3 credits2VI. Günther, K. Harttgen
AbstractIntroduction into basic theoretical and empirical aspects of economic development. Prescriptive theory of economic policy for poverty reduction.
ObjectiveThe goal of this lecture is to introduce students to basic development economics and related economic and developmental contexts.
ContentThe course begins with a theoretical and empirical introduction to the concepts of poverty reduction and issues of combating socioeconomic inequality. Based on this, important external and internal drivers of economic development and poverty reduction are discussed as well as economic and development policies to overcome global poverty. In particular, the following topics are discussed:

- measurement of development, poverty and inequality,
- growth theories
- trade and development
- education, health, population and development
- states and institutions
- fiscal,monetary- and exchange rate policies
Lecture notesNone.
LiteratureGünther, Harttgen und Michaelowa (2020): Einführung in die Entwicklungsökonomik.
Prerequisites / NoticeVoraussetzungen:
Grundlagenkenntisse der Mikro- und Makroökonomie.

Die Veranstaltung besteht aus einem Vorlesungsteil, aus eigener Literatur- und Recherchearbeit sowie der Bearbeitung von Aufgabenblättern.

Die Vorlesung basiert auf: Günther, Harttgen und Michaelowa (2019): Einführung in die Entwicklungsökonomik. Einzelne Kapitel müssen jeweils vor den Veranstaltungen gelesen werden. In den Veranstaltungen wird das Gelesene diskutiert und angewendet. Auch werden offene Fragen der Kapitel und Übungen besprochen.
851-0624-00LETH4D PhD Seminar: Research for Development Restricted registration - show details
Does not take place this semester.
Number of participants limited to 15.
1 credit1KI. Günther
AbstractDoctoral candidates from all ETH departments, whose research is related to development issues, and conducting research in low or middle-income countries are invited to give a presentation about their on-going work and discuss their doctoral project with a diverse group of researchers.
ObjectiveDoctoral students are able to present their doctoral project to an interdisciplinary audience and to respond to questions within a wider development context.
851-0649-00LInternational Development Engineering1 credit2VI. Günther, A. Rom, K. Shea, E. Tilley
AbstractIn this seminar, students will learn from researchers around the globe about technological interventions designed to improve human and economic development within complex, low-resource setting. Students will also get familiar with frameworks from social sciences and engineering, helping them to understand, and evaluate the discussed technologies and to put them into a broader context.
Objective• Students will get familiar with frameworks from social sciences and engineering needed for innovation in a complex, low-resource setting.
• Students will learn about concrete examples of technological interventions designed to improve sustainable development and critically reflect on them.
• Students get a broad understanding of some of the most important issues and discussions related to global sustainable development.
ContentIn the introductory class, students will learn about challenges related to global sustainable developments and how they have developed over time. Students will then get exposed to frameworks from social sciences and engineering disciplines, which will help them analyze technologies designed for low-resource settings. In the remaining sessions thought leaders from the field of development engineering will present a wide range of innovations from sectors such as health, water and sanitation, education and governance that will then get discussed with students using the frameworks they learned.
865-0000-03LContemporary Development Debate – Fighting Extreme Poverty in the 21st Century
Only for CAS in Development and Cooperation students, as well as specialists with at least 24 months of practical experience in international cooperation.

ETH doctoral students working on topics related to poverty reduction in low- and middle income countries may also be admitted.

Registration only through the NADEL administration office.
1 credit2GI. Günther, L. Hensgen
AbstractThe training course provides an introduction into strategic schools of thought that are important in current theoretical discussions and policies of development cooperation.
ObjectiveThe training course provides an introductio into strategic schools of thought that are important in current theoretical discussions and policies of development cooperation.
Prerequisites / NoticeStudents of the course must fulfil requirements specified on the homepage of NADEL. Electronic registration may be done only after registration with NADEL secretariate.