Urs Karrer: Catalogue data in Spring Semester 2021

Name PD Dr. Urs Karrer
Kantonsspital Winterthur
Brauerstrasse 15
8404 Winterthur

377-0415-00LInfectious Diseases Restricted registration - show details
Only for Human Medicine BSc
2 credits2VE. Wetter Slack, U. Karrer, A. Zinkernagel Schüpbach
AbstractThis course will introduce students to the main pillars of clinical infectiology.
ObjectiveThis course will achieve the following learning objectives:
1. Evaluating and understanding the basic biology of microorganisms and infection
2. Evaluating and understanding the diagnosis of infectious disease
3. Evaluating and understanding the treatment of infectious disease
4. Evaluating and understanding the prevention of infectious disease
5. Applying knowledge to clinically relevant challenges
ContentThree-week interactive course covering revision of microbiology, pharmacokinetics of antimicrobials, current and future diagnostics, and management of viral, bacterial and parasitic diseases.
LiteratureLecture notes and learning material will be provided shortly before the course start date.
Prerequisites / NoticeVoraussetzungen:
LE 551-1110-00L Infektion & Immunologie
LE 377-0301-11L Blut, Immunsystem
551-1110-00LInfection and Immunology Restricted registration - show details
Only for Health Sciences and Technology BSc and Human Medicine BSc.
2 credits2VW.‑D. Hardt, A. B. Hehl, U. Karrer, F. Sallusto
AbstractStructure and function of pathogenic bacteria, viruses, single- and multi-cellular parasites, and pathogen-specific defense mechanisms of the immune system. The lecture is complemented by a learning platform. Some material is expected to be prepared in self-study
Objective- Students can describe the structural principles and mechanisms of infection of key pathogens.
- Students understand how these pathogens are detected and eliminated by the native and adaptive immune system.
- Students are able to explain how anti-infective agents work and how pathogens develop resistance.
Content- Cellular structure of Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria
- Bacteria-host interactions and their effect on the host
- Antibiotics and antibiotic resistance
- Classification of pathogenic viruses
- Organization, classification and life cycle of eukaryotic pathogens
- Organization of the native immune system
- Organization of the adaptive immune system
Prerequisites / NoticeThe immunology section of the course can be taught in English.