Andreas Streun: Katalogdaten im Herbstsemester 2016

NameHerr Dr. Andreas Streun
Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI)
5232 Villigen PSI
Telefon056 310 36 88
Fax056 310 31 51

402-0725-00LExperimental Methods and Instruments of Particle Physics Information 6 KP3V + 1UU. Langenegger, M. Dittmar, A. Streun, Uni-Dozierende
KurzbeschreibungPhysics and design of particle accelerators.
Basics and concepts of particle detectors.
Track- and vertex-detectors, calorimetry, particle identification.
Special applications like Cherenkov detectors, air showers, direct detection of dark matter.
Simulation methods, readout electronics, trigger and data acquisition.
Examples of key experiments.
LernzielAcquire an in-depth understanding and overview of the essential elements of experimental methods in particle physics, including accelerators and experiments.
Inhalt1. Examples of modern experiments
2. Basics: Bethe-Bloch, radiation length, nucl. interaction length, fixed-target vs. collider, principles of measurements: energy- and momentum-conservation, etc
3. Physics and layout of accelerators
4. Charged particle tracking and vertexing
5. Calorimetry
6. Particle identification
7. Analysis methods: invariant and missing mass, jet algorithms, b-tagging
8. Special detectors: extended airshower detectors and cryogenic detectors
9. MC simulations (GEANT), trigger, readout, electronics
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