Dominik Wilhelm Brunner: Courses in Autumn Semester 2017

Name Prof. Dr. Dominik Wilhelm Brunner
Überlandstrasse 129
Luftfremdstoffe und Umwelttechnik
8600 Dübendorf
Telephone058 765 49 44
Fax058 765 62 44
DepartmentEnvironmental Systems Science
RelationshipAdjunct Professor

052-0613-17LUrban Physics Information 3 credits3G
052-0613-17 GUrban Physics
No course on 26.10. (seminar week).
No course for Arch-students on 14. and 21.12.17 (final critics).
3 hrs
Thu12:45-15:30HCP E 47.2 »
J. Carmeliet, J. Allegrini, D. W. Brunner, C. Schär, H. Wernli, J. M. Wunderli
701-0471-AALAtmospheric Chemistry Information
Enrolment ONLY for MSc students with a decree declaring this course unit as an additional admission requirement.

Any other students (e.g. incoming exchange students, doctoral students) CANNOT enrol for this course unit.
3 credits6R
701-0471-AA RAtmospheric Chemistry
Self-study course. No presence required.
Please contact Dr. Dominik Brunner or Dr. Markus Ammann for further information.
90s hrsD. W. Brunner, M. Ammann
701-0471-01LAtmospheric Chemistry Information 3 credits2G
701-0471-01 GAtmosphärenchemie2 hrs
Mon16:15-17:00CHN D 42 »
Wed08:15-10:00CHN F 46 »
23.01.14:15-18:00CHN D 42 »
M. Ammann, D. W. Brunner