Hanns U. Zeilhofer: Katalogdaten im Frühjahrssemester 2020

NameHerr Prof. Dr. Hanns U. Zeilhofer
Inst. f. Pharmazeutische Wiss.
ETH Zürich, Y17 J 68
Winterthurerstrasse 190
8057 Zürich
Telefon+41 44 635 59 12
Fax+41 44 635 59 88
DepartementChemie und Angewandte Biowissenschaften
BeziehungOrdentlicher Professor

535-0900-00LSeminars on Drug Discovery and Development1 KP1KR. Schibli, K.‑H. Altmann, M. Detmar, C. Halin Winter, J. Hall, J.‑C. Leroux, D. Neri, U. Quitterer, G. Schneider, H. U. Zeilhofer
KurzbeschreibungVermittlung neuer Erkenntnisse im Bereich Arzneimittelfindung und -entwicklung anhand von Expertenvorträgen aus dem Hochschul- und Industriebereich.
LernzielEinblick in aktuelle Forschungsgebiete im Gesamtbereich der Pharmazie. Vermittlung neuer Erkenntnisse im Bereich Arzneimittelfindung und -entwicklung.
InhaltSeminarreihe des Instituts für Pharmazeutische Wissenschaften. Expertinnen und Experten aus Akademia und Industrie berichten über neue Erkenntnisse.
535-0901-00LFrom A to Z in Drug Discovery and Development
Findet dieses Semester nicht statt.
2 KP2SJ. Hall, K.‑H. Altmann, M. Detmar, D. Neri, R. Schibli, H. U. Zeilhofer
KurzbeschreibungThe lecture series takes place at the ETH Hönggerberg and covers a variety of major activities involved in drug discovery: selecting drug targets, technologies used in drug discovery, small, medium and large drugs, objectives of the medicinal chemist, assessing drug safety, principles of personalized medicine, designing clinical trials, how intellectual property is protected, as well as others.
LernzielThe objective of the course is to gain a global understanding of most of the important phases in the discovery and development of modern synthetic and biological drugs, from the first activities to clinical trials. The lecture is intended for students that have an interest in the area and/or may consider a career working in drug discovery. This lecture course complements knowledge and experience gained in the research project performed by the PhD student.
InhaltFifteen two hour lectures for life-science PhD students, given by experts from the ETH, UZH, USZ and the pharmaceutical industry.
Introduction to the modern drug discovery process - Principles of drug pharmacokinetics and drug metabolism - Computer sciences in drug discovery - Drug targets - In vitro methods in drug discovery - Natural products in drug discovery - Medicinal chemistry: Chemical lead selection/optimization - Nucleic acid-based drugs - Antibodies and therapeutic proteins: Targets and drugs - In vivo molecular imaging in drug discovery - Personalized medicine in drug discovery and development - Drug formulation: Key development consideration, Current new APIs challenges and FDA rising standards - Preclinical safety, adverse drug events and drug-drug interactions - Clinical development steps including trial design - Intellectual property in drug discovery and development
SkriptScripts to be uploaded into ILIAS
LiteraturTo be distributed during the lecture
Voraussetzungen / BesonderesFormally none, but a basic understanding in biochemistry, physiology and chemistry is highly desirable as it will certainly help to get the most from the lectures.