Paul Tackley: Courses in Autumn Semester 2018

Name Prof. Dr. Paul Tackley
FieldGeophysikalische Fluiddynamik
Institut für Geophysik
ETH Zürich, NO H 9.1
Sonneggstrasse 5
8092 Zürich
Telephone+41 44 633 27 58
Fax+41 44 633 10 65
DepartmentEarth Sciences
RelationshipFull Professor

401-5880-00LSeminar in Geophysics for CSE4 credits2S
401-5880-00 SSeminar in Geophysics for CSE2 hrsby appt.P. Tackley
651-1617-00LGeophysical Fluid Dynamics and Numerical Modelling Seminar0 credits1S
651-1617-00 SGeophysical Fluid Dynamics and Numerical Modelling Seminar1 hrs
Wed12:15-13:00NO F 39 »
P. Tackley, M. D. Ballmer, T. Gerya
651-3050-AALFundamentals of Geophysics
Enrolment ONLY for MSc students with a decree declaring this course unit as an additional admission requirement.

Any other students (e.g. incoming exchange students, doctoral students) CANNOT enrol for this course unit.
6 credits13R
651-3050-AA RFundamentals of Geophysics
Self-study course. No presence required.
Please contact the subject advisor Prof. Taras Gerya.
180s hrsP. Tackley, T. Gerya
651-3440-02LGeophysics III
This course replaces 651-3440-02 Geomagnetism. Students who completed Geomagnetism are not eligible to this course.
4 credits3G
651-3440-02 GGeophysik III3 hrs
Thu10:15-12:00NO D 11 »
13:15-14:00NO D 11 »
A. Jackson, P. Tackley, S. Wiemer, T. Kraft
651-4010-00LPlanetary Physics and Chemistry Information 3 credits2G
651-4010-00 GPlanetary Physics and Chemistry2 hrs
Tue13:15-15:00NO F 39 »
P. Tackley
651-4273-00LNumerical Modelling in Fortran Information 3 credits2V
651-4273-00 VNumerical Modelling in Fortran2 hrs
Mon15:15-17:00NO F 39 »
P. Tackley
651-4273-01LNumerical Modelling in Fortran (Project)
Prerequisite: 651-4273-00L Numerical Modelling in Fortran
1 credit1U
651-4273-01 UNumerical Modelling in Fortran (Project)1 hrsby appt.P. Tackley