Katharina Maniura: Courses in Autumn Semester 2020

Name Prof. Dr. Katharina Maniura
EMPA St.Gallen
Lerchenfeldstrasse 5
9014 St. Gallen
Telephone071 274 7447
DepartmentHealth Sciences and Technology
RelationshipAdjunct Professor

376-0303-00LColloquium in Translational Science (Autumn Semester)1 credit1K
376-0303-00 KColloquium in Translational Science (Autumn Semester)
3 block seminars à 3,5 hrs à 60 minutes 09.15-12.00h - ONLINE:
1 hrs
23.09.09:15-13:00HG F 26.3 »
28.10.09:15-13:00HG F 26.3 »
02.12.09:15-13:00HG F 26.3 »
M. Ristow, A. Alimonti, N. Cesarovic, C. Ewald, V. Falk, J. Goldhahn, K. Maniura, J. Mitchell, R. M. Rossi, S. Schürle-Finke, G. Shivashankar, E. Vayena, V. Vogel
376-1714-AALBiocompatible Materials
Enrolment ONLY for MSc students with a decree declaring this course unit as an additional admission requirement.

Any other students (e.g. incoming exchange students, doctoral students) CANNOT enrol for this course unit.
4 credits9R
376-1714-AA RBiocompatible Materials
Self-study course. No presence required.
120s hrsK. Maniura, M. Zenobi-Wong
376-1714-00LBiocompatible Materials4 credits3V
376-1714-00 VBiocompatible Materials
Vorlesung 9-11h
Uebungen/Gruppenarbeiten 11-12h

The lecturers will communicate the exact lesson times of ONLINE courses.
3 hrs
Fri09:00-12:00ON LI NE »
K. Maniura, M. Rottmar, M. Zenobi-Wong