Roland Peter Haas: Catalogue data in Spring Semester 2021

Name Dr. Roland Peter Haas
Consultation hoursBy appointment
Haas ProjektConsulting
Unterriedstr. 7b
5452 Oberrohrdorf
Fax056 493 7314
DepartmentMechanical and Process Engineering

151-3204-00LCoaching Innovation Projects2 credits2VR. P. Haas
AbstractThe course is building up skills and experience in coaching engineering teams. To gain experience and to reflect real coaching situations, the participants of the course have the role of teaching assistance of the innovation project (151-0300-00L). In this framework the participants coach teams and professionalize the knowledge in the area product development methods.
Objective- Critical thinking and reasoned judgements
- Basic knowledge about role and mindset of a coach
- Understanding the challenges of engineering projects and design teams
- Development of personal skills to apply and train product development methods
- Knowledge and know-how about applying methods
- Reflection and exchange of experiences about personal coaching situations
- Inspiration and learning from good cases regarding organizational and team management aspects
- Decision-making under uncertainty
ContentHere is the schedule with dates and topics for Live Sessions
on Mondays, 16:15-18:00
Link to Zoom-Meetings is published in the Moodle Course:

22.02.2021: Base Camp, Experience exchange
01.03.2021: Course intro, Coaching roles & Virtual coaching
08.03.2021: Active listening & Giving and receiving feedback
15.03.2021: Coaching model GROW & Asking questions
22.03.2021: Working with hypothesis & Motivation
29.03.2021: Reflection on individual coaching sessions 1
12.04.2021: 1:1 Coaching
26.04.2021: Team building & Psychological safety
03.05.2021: Facilitating conflicts
10.05.2021: Reflection on individual coaching sessions 2
17.05.2021: Reflexivity & Reviews of your interventions

For each live session preparatory material is provided on Moodle, enabling participants to start these sessions well equipped.
Prerequisites / NoticeOnly for participants (Bachelor Students, Master Students) who are teaching assistants in the innovation project).
851-0371-00LCoaching Students1 credit1SB. Volk, R. P. Haas, S. Pedrocchi
AbstractThe course “Coaching Students” enhances Student Teaching Assistants and other participants in their roles as student coaches, acquiring basic knowledge about coaching methodology and the mindset of a coach. The course is focusing on participants that are coaching student groups or teams or individuals with open tasks without model solution, where nondirective support plays an important role.
ObjectiveParticipants will
• understand the basics of coaching and the roles as student coach.
• develop the mindset of a coach and reflect on their attitude towards guiding student learning processes (individuals and teams).
• acquire coaching skills and build knowledge and know-how about coaching methods.
• analyse learning scenarios and team situations by developing and verifying hypotheses.
• design coaching session and feel confident to use coaching methods.
• give and get feedback from peers and self-reflect on their coaching practice.
ContentAfter the online phase students improve their theoretical knowledge, methods expertise and coaching skills in five double lessons with in-class activities.

Here is the schedule with dates and topics
The Zoom-Link is published in the Moodle Course:

• 8 March 2021: Kick-off (Roles, Active listening, Feedback)
• 15 March 2021: GROW model and Asking questions
• 22 March 2021: Hypothesis and Motivation
• 12 April 2021: 1:1-Coaching
• 26 April 2021: Team building & Psychological Safety
• 3 May 2021: Facilitating Conflicts
• 17 May 2021: Reflexivity and Case studies

For each live session preparatory material is provided on Moodle, enabling participants to start these sessions well equipped.