Katrin Hecht: Katalogdaten im Herbstsemester 2018

NameFrau Dr. Katrin Hecht
Inst.f. Lebensm.wiss.,Ern.,Ges.
ETH Zürich, LFO D 13
Schmelzbergstrasse 9
8092 Zürich
DepartementGesundheitswissenschaften und Technologie

752-1301-00LSpecial Topics in Toxicology2 KP2GS. J. Sturla, K. Hecht
KurzbeschreibungJournal-club style course involving student presentations and active discussion and critique of recent publications and modern experimental strategies. The focus is on chemical, biochemical, and nutritional aspects of selected topics in Toxicology, with a new group of topics addressed each semester
Lernziel-to stimulate student interest and provide advanced knowledge of
current research in Toxicology and its related sciences
- to develop skills in critical evaluation of scientific literature, oral presentation and questioning
- to understand modern experimental techniques and research approaches relevant in toxicology
InhaltThe journal-club style course involves student presentations and active discussion of recent publications. The primary focus is on chemical, biochemical, and nutritional aspects of selected current topics in Toxicology. Participants are masters or PhD students in Food Sciences and related disciplines (i.e. Chemistry, Biochemistry, Pharmaceutical Sciences, etc.).
LiteraturA selection of approximately 20 papers from recent primary scientific literature.
Voraussetzungen / BesonderesThe course is open to Masters or PhD level students.

For Masters level participants, a strict prerequisite is (a) previously taken and passed "Introduction to Toxicology" (752-1300) and/or (b) previous courses supporting equivalent knowledge plus permission from the instructor. Please contact the instructor before the start of the class, explaining the basis of your previous knowledge other than the Introduction course, to request special permission.

If you would like to take "Special Topics in Toxicology", do not register at the same time for "Advanced Topics in Toxicology". It is only possible to take one, and it is only possible to take the advanced level after completing this course.