Viola Vogel: Catalogue data in Spring Semester 2020

Name Prof. Dr. Viola Vogel
FieldApplied Mechanobiology
Professur Angew. Mechanobiologie
ETH Zürich, GLC G 12.2
Gloriastrasse 37/ 39
8092 Zürich
DepartmentHealth Sciences and Technology
RelationshipFull Professor

376-0304-00LColloquium in Translational Science (Spring Semester)1 credit1KM. Ristow, C. Ewald, V. Falk, J. Goldhahn, J. Mitchell, S. Schürle-Finke, G. Shivashankar, E. Vayena, V. Vogel, F. von Meyenn
AbstractCurrent topics in translational medicine presented by speakers from academia and industry.
ObjectiveGetting insight into actual areas and problems of translational medicine.
ContentTimely and concise presentations of postgraduate students, post-docs, senior scientists, professors, as well as external guests from both academics and industry will present topics of their interest related to translational medicine.
Prerequisites / NoticeNo compulsory prerequisites, but student should have basic knowledge about biomedical research.
376-1611-00LBiomedical Interfaces Information 4 credits2V + 1US. Lickert, V. Vogel, M. Aramesh, E. Klotzsch
AbstractThis class serves as an introduction into the design of materials for biomedical applications. Its focus lies on controlling interactions at the interface between biomolecules or living cells and synthetic materials. Knowing some basic concepts allows us to define prototypical requirements for material surfaces and to utilize molecular engineering principles for their realization.
Objective1. The students will know basic rules that determine the interaction of biological molecules or cells with synthetic materials on the nanoscale.
2. The students will be able to define essential requirements how to functionalize materials in the context of specific biomedical applications.
3. The students will be able to predict the outcome of self-assembly processes and utilize these to achieve a desired function or biological behavior at interfaces.
Content- protein-surface interactions
- anti-adhesive surface coatings
- biosensors
- bacteria-surface interactions
- cell-nanoparticle interactions
- drug delivery systems
- cell-matrix interactions
- soft tissue engineering
Lecture notesHandouts of the lecture can be accessed online. All hand-outs are in English.
LiteratureSelected chapters of
- Biomaterials Science: an Introduction to Materials in Medicine, by B. Ratner, 3rd Ed. Academic Press (2013).
- Biomimetic Materials and Design: Biointerfacial Strategies, Tissue Engineering and Targeted Drug Delivery, by A.K. Dillow and A.M. Lowman, CRC Press (2002).
- Biomaterials: Principles and Practices, by J.Y. Wong et al., CRC Press (2013).
- Molecular Biology of the Cell, by B. Alberts et al., Taylor & Francis, 5th Ed. (2007).
Detailed literature references will be provided in the lectures.
Prerequisites / NoticeThis interdisciplinary class addresses students from all disciplines at the Bachelor level. Profound basic knowledge in cell biology and biochemistry is required.

A few lectures will be held in english.