Andreas Hierlemann: Katalogdaten im Herbstsemester 2016

Auszeichnung: Die Goldene Eule
NameHerr Prof. Dr. Andreas Hierlemann
NamensvariantenA Hierlemann
LehrgebietBiosystems Eingineering
Dep. Biosysteme
ETH Zürich, BSS G 53.1
Klingelbergstrasse 48
4056 Basel
Telefon+41 61 387 31 50
Fax+41 61 387 39 92
BeziehungOrdentlicher Professor

636-0020-00LMicrotechnology and Microelectronics
Prerequisites: Physics I and Physics II highly recommended.
6 KP3GA. Hierlemann
KurzbeschreibungStudents are introduced to the basics of semiconductors, microelectronics, microtechnology, and silicon process technology. They will get to know the fabrication of silicon-based microdevices and -systems by a sequence of defined batch processing steps as well as dedicated microfabrication processes.
LernzielStudents are introduced to the basics of semiconductors, microelectronics, microtechnology, and silicon process technology. They will get to know the different fabrication methods for various microdevices and systems.
InhaltIntroduction to semiconductors, microelectronics, microtechnology, and micro electro mechanical systems (MEMS)

• Fundamentals of semiconductors
• Basics of microelectronics: transistor and diode.
• Silicon processing and fabrication steps
• Silicon crystal structure and manufacturing
• Thermal oxidation
• Doping via diffusion and ion implantation
• Photolithography
• Thin film deposition: dielectrics and metals
• Wet etching & bulk micromachining
• Dry etching & surface micromachining
• Microelectronics processing and fabrication sequence
• Packaging
SkriptHandouts in English
Literatur- S.M. Sze, "Semiconductor Devices, Physics and Technology", 2nd edition, Wiley, 2002
- R.F. Pierret, "Semiconductor Device Fundamentals", Addison Wesley, 1996
- R. C. Jaeger, "Introduction to Microelectronic Fabrication", Prentice Hall 2002
- S.A. Campbell, "The Science and Engineering of Microelectronic Fabrication", 2nd edition, Oxford University Press, 2001
- W. Menz, J. Mohr, O. Paul, “Microsystem Technology”, Wiley-VCH, 2001
- G. T. A. Kovacs, “Micromachined Transducers Sourcebook”, McGraw-Hill, 1998
- M. J. Madou, “Fundamentals of Microfabrication", 2nd ed., CRC Press, 2002
Voraussetzungen / BesonderesThe information on the web can be updated until the beginning of the semester.
636-0301-00LCurrent Topics in Biosystems Science and Engineering2 KP1ST. Stadler, N. Beerenwinkel, Y. Benenson, K. M. Borgwardt, P. S. Dittrich, M. Fussenegger, A. Hierlemann, D. Iber, M. H. Khammash, D. J. Müller, S. Panke, P. Pantazis, R. Paro, R. Platt, S. Reddy, T. Schroeder, J. Stelling
KurzbeschreibungThis seminar will feature invited lectures about recent advances and developments in systems biology, including topics from biology, bioengineering, and computational biology.
LernzielTo provide an overview of current systems biology research.
InhaltThe final list of topics will be available at